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Student Leaders

Hall Tutors (HT)
Under the pastoral guidance of the respective Resident Masters and Resident Coordinators, Hall Tutors act as team builders, peer counselors, floor managers, program assistants and shapers of residents’ positive behavior on the floors.
Majority of the Hall Tutors are senior undergraduate students and they are assigned to various floors of the Halls. They play a vital role in guiding and caring of residents as well as in facilitating the residential and educational life in the Halls.

Mainland Peer Mentors (MPM)
Mainland Peer Mentors are senior Mainland students who serve as mentors to new Mainland undergraduates in the Halls. They provide support and care to new undergraduates during the transition from Mainland China to Hong Kong. Much support and guidance is provided to help students integrate into the Halls, campus and life in Hong Kong.

Hall Council (HC)
There are four Hall Councils formed by students, each with a unique hall motto. The Hall Councils are the representative bodies to reflect residents’ view and look after their welfare. Through the organization of a wide range of activities, the Hall Councils promote and facilitate residents to be actively involved in the Halls.

International Ambassador (IA)
The International Ambassador Pilot Scheme was first introduced in the 2016/17 Residential Year with the aim to further enhance the integration among both Local and Non-Local students in the Halls. The International Ambassador is often an International student who studies a full Bachelor’s program in the university with a year of residential experience in the Halls. The ambassador provides support and care to both incoming Exchange and International students regarding to their well-being in the Halls. A wide range of activities are also conducted by the International Ambassador to facilitate in the integration between Local and Non-Local students in the Halls.