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Residents’ Bondedness

We emphasize on the importance for individual residents to connect with their fellow residents in building up meaningful and life-long relationships. With this in mind, orientation programmes are conducted at the beginning of each residential period to help newcomers to the Halls to familiarize with hall life in an enjoyable and rewarding way. We also treasure the diversity among our resident body comprising not only local students but also non-local students from close to 30 countries overseas.

The followings are highlights of some events in promoting Residents’ Bondedness:

  • Halls Think Tank Award
  • Resident Initiative Award
  • International Festival-Variety Show
  • Joint-hall Singing Contest
  • Joint Hall Round Table Banquet
  • Orientation Camp
  • Non-local Freshmen Hong Kong Tour
  • Festive Celebrations (Mid-Autumn Festival & Chinese New Year)
  • Annual Promenade

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop


Joint Hall Round Table Dinner


Cultural Experience Awards - Zumba Dance


Cultural Experience Awards - Sichuan Opera Mask