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Student Leaders

Hall Tutors (HTs)
Under the pastoral guidance of the respective Resident Masters and Resident Community Officers, Hall Tutors act as role models, peer counselors, floor managers and shapers of residents’ positive behavior on the floors. Majority of the Hall Tutors are senior undergraduate students and they are assigned to various floors of the Halls. They play a vital role in guiding and caring of residents as well as in facilitating the residential and educational life in the Halls.

Non-local Mentors (NLMs)
Non-local Mentors are senior students who serve as mentors to non-local students in the Halls. They provide support and care to non-local students regarding to their well-being in the Halls and enhance the integration among both local and non-local students in the Halls. A wide range of hall life activities are also conducted by the Non-local Mentors.

Hall Council (HC)
There are four Hall Councils formed by students, each with a unique hall motto. The Hall Councils are the representative bodies to reflect residents’ view and look after their welfare. Through the organisation of a wide range of activities, the Hall Councils promote and facilitate residents to be actively involved in the Halls.