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Living Guide



Fire Drill / In Case of Fire

If you are in the Halls (including BU fiesta or common/ outdoor areas) when the fire alarm rings or light flash continuously, you should act immediately according to the instructions below:

Stay calm.  Evacuate from the hall building via the nearest stairway in an orderly manner (EVEN IF YOU ARE TAKING A SHOWER OR SLEEPING).  Go to the respective Assembly Point designated for your Hall (see below).  DO NOT USE THE LIFT.

Bring along with your room key cardstudent ID card and LOCK YOUR DOOR.  Do not bring any luggage.

Urge other hall-mates and visitors to leave the hall building under safe condition.

Provide assistance to those in need.

Push the bar of the Exit Door and exit at the ground level.

Queue up according to your floor number.  Report your attendance to your Hall Tutor and wait patiently for announcement to dismiss.

While dismiss, please return to the hall building ORDERLY under the direction of Hall Tutors.

Assembly points:

All floors of North Tower:  Emergency Vehicular Access between North Tower and School of Chinese Medicine Building
All floors of South Tower:  Jockey Club Courtyard

Please refer to the location map posted on the SASS notice board opposite to the Lounge on each floor and pay special attention to the lineup location of your respective floor in order to report your attendance to your Hall Tutor.

Green living tips poster
How to Live Green in Undergraduate Halls? 
It is easy!  Here are some tips on how to REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE and REPLACE (4Rs) in daily hall life.



  • Reduce shower time and turn off the tap while you brush your teeth.
  • Reduce electricity wastage by turning off all appliances when not in use.
  • Reduce your portion of food order if you cannot finish up.
  • Reduce waste through rethinking your habit.
  • Recycle plastic/aluminum/glass bottles. Clean them before dropping into recycle bins.
  • Recycle or donate unwanted clothes that are in good conditions.
  • Recycle reusable items. Refuse disposable ones.



  • Reuse plastic containers that are in good conditions.
  • Reuse washable cutlery including straws.
  • Reuse disposable bags during your grocery shopping.
  • Reuse and repurpose waste. Leverage your creativity to save the Earth.
  • Replace single-use tissue paper with towels.
  • Replace conventional food with organic ones. Fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent choices.
  • Replace taxi/uber with public transport to help reduce carbon footprint. Walk whenever possible.


The University is committed to the active pursuit of equal opportunity in all areas of its operation.  Discrimination and harassment on the grounds of sex, pregnancy, marital status, disability, family circumstances and race are unlawful and will not be tolerated.  For details, please refer to the website of Campus Life & Support Section. You may also refer to this leaflet on the prevention of sexual harassment.

Residence Life is an integral part of Whole Person Education.  Through the daily interaction with people from different backgrounds, residents can develop different kinds of life skills, including the skills to understand, respect and resolve differences.  To maintain the living environment for the comfort of all residents, residents should observe the guidelines on sound generation on domestic floors:

  • Residents may meet with one another anytime in the lounges or common rooms of the Halls.  However, to show respect for other residents' right to rest, residents shall not stay inside other residents' bedroom between 1 a.m. to 7 a.m., unless consent has been obtained from the residents of the visiting room.  Both the host residents and the visiting residents shall be held responsible for any violation to this rule. (Residents’ Code clause 11)
  • The period between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. is regarded as Quiet Hours of the Halls. (Residents’ Code clause 12.1)
  •  At all times, residents shall keep their noise level at a reasonable level so as not to cause nuisance to their neighbours. (Residents’ Code clause 12.2)
  • During study and examination periods, Quiet Hours may be extended to 24 hours a day.  Notice of such study and examination periods will be posted on the bulletin boards. (Residents’ Code clause 12.)

    Guidelines on Resident Grievance related to Sound Level
    The Undergraduate Halls encourages frank and constructive dialogue between parties of different views to resolve conflicts and disputes.  On cases related to grievances on sound level at the Undergraduate Halls, students should first try to resolve their grievances through discussion with the person who is most closely concerned with the subject matter.  Apologies and possible redress could help settle the grievances.

    However, in the event that a preferred mode of informal resolution fails, residents may make his/ her grievances heard by approaching the Hall Tutor.  Or when necessary, residents may approach their respective Resident Community Officer for guidance.  As for grievances related to noise or excessive nuisance in the Undergraduate Halls which could not be resolved with the help of the Hall Tutor, residents may submit their grievances through an online form HERE.

    Resident Community Officer would follow up on the complaints received, and would call for a disciplinary panel when deemed necessary.  Shall the accused resident be found guilty of the charge, the panel shall issue disciplinary warning, impose demerit point(s) or other additional penalties as determine appropriate by the panel.