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Undergraduate Halls is more than merely having a physical location to rest but a place where you will unleash your potentials, build meaningful relationships and gain better understanding of yourself and others. We strive to provide Hall Life Education through a wide range of well-structured learning programmes and activities with different focuses: Green and Health MindfulnessPersonal EnrichmentResidents' Bondedness and Community & U.
Hall life is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, to learn outside the classrooms, to rehearse and to get yourself prepared for the future. We hope that hall life will grant you irreplaceable experiences that fill up pages of your memories.

Under the roof of two high-rises, we have four Halls named after four elite Chinese figures.  Professor Chen-Ning YANG, Mr. Yuan-Pei CAI, Mr. Shu-Ren ZHOU and Madam Ching-Ling SOONG were named after in remembrance of their outstanding achievements in the areas of scientific research, education, literature and social action in the contemporary Chinese history.  We believe that these outstanding figures would serve as observable role models to whom our students may look up to throughout their university studies and life-long expedition.

C.N. YANG Hall 楊振寧堂
Motto: Hall with a Heart 修身養性,心及天下
Yang Hall logo
S.R. ZHOU Hall 周樹人堂
Motto: Aide Sans Frontieres 跨越界限,關懷社稷
Zhou Hall logo
Y.P. CAI Hall 蔡元培堂
Motto: Grow in Excellence 邁向卓越
Cai Hall logo
C.L. SOONG Hall 宋慶齡堂
Motto: Living, Learning, Giving 學海人生,奉獻精神
Hall Council:
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Highlight on Upcoming Hall Life Education Programme 2019-20