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Past Events
  • 18 OCT | 01 NOV

    Workshops & Seminars

    [UG] Soong Hall - Hall Fellow Seminars Series (變幻是永恆? - 斜槓型創業之必要 / 全方位活動策劃人之日常)

    [UG] Soong Hall - Hall Fellow Seminars Series (變幻是永恆? - 斜槓型創業之必要 / 全方位活動策劃人之日常)

    We are happy to have our Soong Hall Fellow (Miss Claire Lo), a literal artist and writer (named Siu Syu) to conduct a few CCL-accredited activities for us. Claire is the founder and director of Market Fairish. She is very enthusiastic about organizing cultural-related and entertainment events, and she is an experienced organiser in weekend bazaars, art workshops, exhibitions etc. She is also a book-lover and a writer who loves sharing her ideas and experience with others.

    Claire is going to conduct two sharing seminars (CCL-accredited) in October and November. If you would like to turn your passion of arts and books into action, and perhaps some inspiration for your future career and entrepreneurship, don’t miss the chance of meeting her!

    19:00 - 20:30 pm
    G9, Undergraduate Halls