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[UG] Halls Think Tank Award (HTT)

Campus Life
[UG] Halls Think Tank Award (HTT)
01 JAN 2021 | 05 MAR 2021
Programme Period
1 Jan 2021 - 5 Mar 2021

Pitch your idea to win a HK$10,000 award! 

The Undergraduate Halls (Halls) aims to provide a safe and comfortable living and learning environment conducive to whole-person development of all local and non-local students.  The Halls Think Tank Award (HTT) is a platform that invites residents to work in groups and propose innovative and practical resident-oriented ideas to improve hall life experience of residents.  The idea could cover any topics related to hall life including hall life education, administration and infrastructure, etc.

Applications must be submitted in group basis with at least THREE current residents of the Halls. To apply, submit your ideas in form of:

  1. A 2-minute video-pitch to promote the concept of your idea
  2. A completed online application form which consists of:
  • Background analysis
  • Details of the idea
  • Financial Plan
  • Possible challenges on implementation and proposed solutions
  • Information of the Hall staff in dialogue

Selected applicants will be invited to attend the interview in March 2021.

Three ideas will be selected with an award of $10,000 (Gold), $6,000 (Silver) and $4,000 (Bronze)

Application Deadline:
5 March 2021

We look forward to hearing from you!