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Upcoming Events

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Past Events
  • 06 SEP | 18 NOV

    Community Engagement

    [UG] PUNCH For Your Health – Thai-Boxing Training And Service Programme (Phase 2)

    [UG] PUNCH For Your Health – Thai-Boxing Training And Service Programme  (Phase 2)

    Being mindful of and taking actions to improve one’s physical and mental health is crucial especially during the post-pandemic recovery.  
    In PUNCH for Your Health, students will learn the sports and strengthen oneself, then carry forward the positivity by providing training to some underprivileged teenagers in the community.  After the training, with a bond built up between the students and the teenagers, the teenagers will be invited to visit HKBU campus for a personal development workshop, to be delivered by the students.

    Venue (Stage 1–3)
    Studio Battalion, Sheung Wan
    Venue (Stage 4)
    27 Aug 2023
  • 01 AUG | 31 MAY


    Service Leader Recruitment 2023-24

    Service Leader Recruitment 2023-24

    We are recruiting current residents of the Undergraduate Halls to work with Hall Life Team in leading Residents of Undergraduate Halls on community service / engagement projects (Community Projects) in 2023/24.

    Application Deadline
    24 Mar 2023