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  • 18 FEB | 25 FEB


    [UG] Bathroom Rescue Project

    [UG] Bathroom Rescue Project

    Bathroom Rescue Project 浴室安全計劃

    Do you know 12.9% of the domestic accidents happened in the bathroom? It is of utmost importance to aware of these accidents especially targets to the singleton elderly!

    Bathroom Rescue Project aims to create a safe living environment for the elderly. On the same day, you will attend a bathroom safety course with practical skill training on applying anti-slip Nano coating, and then apply your skills to improve safety of elderly bathroom.

    Join elderly service to show your care and serve the elderly in our community!

    12:30pm - 4:30pm
    Room G9, Undergraduate Halls; Tak Tin Estate, Lam Tin
    3 Feb 2023, 3pm