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Past Events
  • 12 OCT

    Green Living

    [UG] Green Quester Programme: Herbarium Workshop 浮游花工作坊

    [UG] Green Quester Programme: Herbarium Workshop 浮游花工作坊

    Time flies, this is the 5th week of the semester.  And mid-term exams are drawing near. Feeling a bit stressed? Why not try to give your mind a break by getting your hands busy! We are presenting to you Green Quester Programme: Herbarium Workshop 浮游花工作坊.  In the workshop, you will decorate a pen with preserved flowers and bring home a piece of nature. When you look at the herbarium, your nerves will be soothed, and your tired and puffy eyes will feel relaxed. 

    8:00pm - 8:30pm
    Room 114, Undergraduate Halls
    Application Deadline
    10 Oct 2021