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Hall Life Education Team

The Hall Life Education Team is dedicated to promote and establish a living-learning environment conducive to holistic development and success of all residents. The team organises various hall life programmes with the aims of strengthening residents’ own attributes and self-management abilities, fostering multi-cultural exchanges among residents and broadening residents’ views and horizons. A wide range of well-structured learning programmes and activities focus on four dimensions of development of residents : Green and Health MindfulnessPersonal EnrichmentResidents' Bondedness and Community & U.

Structure of Hall Life Education Team

HLE org chart
Contact of Hall Life Education Team

General Enquiry  

3411 2672

Hall Life Education
Senior Student Affairs Officer
Ms. Jade CHAN
3411 2670
Student Housing Assistant
Miss Cora NG
3411 2672
Temporary Student Housing Assistant Mr. Michael HO

3411 2675

CN Yang Hall
Resident Master
Prof. Gary WONG
3411 2370
Resident Community Officer
Miss Ling CHAN
3411 2620
SR Zhou Hall
Resident Master
Prof. Victor WONG
3411 2448
Resident Community Officer
Mr. Terry CHAN
3411 2640
CL Soong Hall
Resident Master
Dr Amy LEE
3411 7159
Resident Community Officer
Miss Kate NG
3411 2650
Assistant Student Affairs Officer Miss Wincy TSE

3411 2650

YP Cai Hall
Resident Master
Dr Simon CHAN
3411 7142
Resident Community Officer
Mr. Leo HUNG
3411 2630