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[UG] Green Quester Programme: Herbarium Workshop 浮游花工作坊

Green Living
12 OCT 2021

Time flies, this is the 5th week of the semester. And mid-term exams are drawing near. Feeling a bit stressed? Why not try to give your mind a break by getting your hands busy! We are presenting to you Green Quester Programme: Herbarium Workshop 浮游花工作坊.  

In the workshop, you will decorate a pen with preserved flowers and bring home a piece of nature. When you look at the herbarium, your nerves will be soothed, and your tired and puffy eyes will feel relaxed. 

What’s more, the Double Ninth Festival, which is a day to show respect to the elders, falls on14th October! Come and join the workshop to prepare a gift for the elders!  

Date & Time: 12 October 2021 (Tuesday), 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: Room114, UGH
Deposit: 20 HKD (refundable)*
Quota: 15, First-come first-served, UGH residents only.
Registration: HERE (Deadline: 10 Oct 2021) 

The event is brought to you by Green Questers, student ambassadors promoting green lifestyle to residents. Follow and Like us on IG and Facebook for green-living tips that help you lead a thriving hall life.
IG: @greenquest.hkbu.hall
FB: @greenquesthkbu

*Note:  Successful candidates will receive a confirmation email for payment.

8:00pm - 8:30pm
Room 114, Undergraduate Halls
Application Deadline
10 Oct 2021
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