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[UG] Green and Health Mindfulness Week (12-16 November)

Green Living
05 - 17 NOV 2018

To promote the importance of maintaining green and health mindfulness, there will be four Green and Health Mindfulness weeks during the residential year.  The second one will be on 12-16 November and there will be a few initiatives designed for you:

  • Green and Healthy Diet: During the Fruitful Day (12 Nov), you will receive a piece of fresh fruit from the Undergraduate Halls. 
  • Clean and Friendly Environment: Your Hall Tutor/ Resident Assistant will visit your room for assessment to the Hall Cleanliness Competition.  Residents from the room with the highest average e scores of each floor will be awarded a cash prize of HKD$20 each.  Work with your roommates to maintain a comfortable living environment together.
  • Design your own shopping bag:  Do you enjoy shopping? Do you always bring you own shopping bag to support environmental protection? You may design your own stylish shopping bag to show your creative idea!(Information)
  • Waste No More, Recycle and Reuse: 
    Online Second-hand Items Exchange Platform: An online platform providing a convenient way for all BU Buddies to give away or resell their personal items to others for the sake of reducing the amount of solid waste being generated. You might be able to find your treasures on this platform as well :

We hope you have a fruitful week. Stay green and health mindfulness!

Programme Period
12-16 Nov 2018
Undergraduate Halls
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