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  • Accommodation

    [UG] Fire Drill (in the week of 27 Mar 2017)

    27 - 31 MAR 2017

    The Undergraduate Halls Team is scheduling a Fire Drill in one evening between 27 and 31 March 2017. For your own safety, please take the fire drill seriously. If you are in the Halls (including BU fiesta or common/ outdoor areas) when the fire alarm rings or light flash continuously, you should act immediately according to the instructions.

  • Knowledge Enhancement

    Joint Hall High Table Dinner 2017

    17 MAR 2017
    Joint Hall High Table Dinner 2017
    The Joint Hall High Table Dinner will be a gathering of residents from all four halls. Join us and have fun!
    Tango Out and In - The pursuit of self through serious leisure
    You only have 24 hours each day, how would you fulfil your work requirements, your roles and duties under different identities and your hobbies and dreams?  Ball Ball, a backpacker, travel blogger, tango dancer, ruin photographer... our HKBU alumnus will share with us on her self-exploration and development through engaging in different serious leisure.
    ALL residents are welcome! Please register and pay $60 to your hall tutor before 9 Mar 2017.
    Look forward to seeing you in the dinner!
    17 March 2017 (Fri)
    Multi-purpose Hall, 2/F Madam Kwok Chung Bo Fun Sports and Cultural Centre, HKBU
  • Research and Publication

    Residents' Feedback on Service Performance of Mainland Peer Mentors (2016-17 Second Semester)

    13 - 24 MAR 2017
    Residents' Feedback on Service Performance of Mainland Peer Mentors (2016-17 Second Semester)

    To help establish a better living-learning environment in Undergraduate Halls, we cordially invite all of you to give feedbacks on the service performance of Mainland Peer Mentors by filling in an online survey by 24 Mar 2017 (Friday).

  • Green Living

    Green Quest Seminar Series 2016-17

    23 FEB - 06 APR 2017
    Green Quest Seminar Series 2016-17

    The Undergraduate Halls believe GREEN is a living style in striving for balance and aiming for sustainability.  Through seminar series on topics like Green Living, Sustainability and Urban Planning by professional speakers, students will gain deeper understanding to the green challenges and how the green effort could be enhanced further in Hong Kong and at the HKBU.

    Students from all study majors are welcomed!

    Seminar 1
    Public Space: An Integral Component of Your Daily Life and Our City (23 Feb 2017)
    Seminar 2
    Pursuing Sustainability in Life (2 Mar 2017)
    Seminar 3
    The Interplay of Architecture and Nature – with experience sharing on Nordic Architecture Tour (6 Apr 2017)
    Time, Venue
    19:30-21:00, G9 Undergraduate Halls
    Application Deadline
    9 Feb (Seminar 1), 16 Feb (Seminar 2) and 31 Mar (Seminar 3)
  • Green Living

    Fruitful Day

    20 - 24 FEB 2017
    Fruitful Day

    Every resident will receive a piece of fruit that day from your hall tutor. Enjoy your hall life & have a healthy lifestyle!

    Programme Period
    20-24 Feb 2017
    Undergraduate Halls