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Green Campaigns in UGH

Accommodation Campus Life
07 MAY - 08 JUN 2018

Green Campaigns in UGH
In an effort to promote environmental conservation among our hall residents, UGH has launched a series of green campaigns amid the upcoming mass check-out period. Details are as below.
Collection Point(s)
Recycling Items
NGO Partner
Used Clothes Recycling
7 May - 8 Jun 2018
Recycling Cages outside the entrances of South & North Towers
Clothes, shoes, plush toys, bed sheet, bags
The Conservancy Association
To be sorted and shipped to Southeast Asia for reuse; or to be transformed into industrial rags or working gloves

Collection of Paper Bags

Trolleys outside the entrances of South & North Towers
Clean and reusable paper bags
Providence Foundation’s Elderly Care Programme
(Service programme run by the Undergraduate Halls)
For carrying souvenir and food packs to the elderly living in neighborhood
Food Rescue
(Student-initiated Project) 
16 - 20 May 2018 (3-6pm) and 21 May 2018 (10am-1pm)
Collection Counter outside the entrance of North Tower
(for enquiry, please email
Unopened and non-perishable canned, bagged or boxed foods which are not yet expired; e.g. instant noodles, canned food, biscuits, etc.
(No frozen food will be collected)
Feeding Hong Kong
The food will be redistributed to local charities running food assistance programmes
Apart from the aforementioned, residents are encouraged to make use of the 3-colour recycling bins at UGH or on campus for recycling reusable items. You are also encouraged to donate used books to a counter of “Given & Take” Book Exchange at Level 3 of the AAB Podium.
Please be reminded of the followings before recycling any items.
1.     The items should be clean;
2.     Packing of those items should be removed; and
3.     The recycling items shall not contain any personal belongings of yourself.
Your participation in the green campaigns is highly appreciated.
Undergraduate Halls
Office of Student Affairs