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Summer Service and Learning Program in Rural China (SSLP)

SSLP - Voluntary Teaching and Services in Rural China


About SSLP

The Summer Service and Learning Program in Rural China (SSLP) was established by Tsinghua University in 2006. Hong Kong Baptist University have cooperated with Tsing Hua University and taken part in this programme for 5 years. Every summer, student volunteer would be sent to perform their service in 20 counties throughout various locations in rural China. Each team will consist of students from different backgrounds and countries, like Hong Kong, Taiwan, U.S., Europe, etc. Volunteers can provide diversified services to the local students in those rural counties, including English teaching, culture lectures and intercultural communication exercises. Volunteers will convey a message of support and hope to locals.
At the same time, “cultural immersion” will allow volunteers to actually participate in the daily life of a new culture throughout the whole program. New cultures and traditions await as the volunteers fill their days with new discoveries and rich experiences.

The recruitment for 2018 programme is not yet started. Please refer to our Facebook Fanpage for fastest and lastest information ( 

You may join our briefing and sharing session for more information. Details are as follows:
The annual Voluntary Teaching Program is organized by Tsinghua University since 2006. With student volunteers who come from different backgrounds and countries, like Hong Kong, Taiwan, U.S., Europe, we hope to make difference in rural areas of mainland China. Want to know more about this meaningful programme? Please don't miss our briefing & sharing session, student representatives from Tsing Hua University and HKBU would share their experience and learning.

Date: 10 Nov 2017 (Fri)
Time: 17:30-19:00
Venue: AAB 506

日期:2017年11月10日 (五)
時間:下午5:30- 7:00
地點: AAB 506

Past Programme & Highlights 

Experiential learning activities with studentsExperiential learning activities with students

Teaching team consists members from difference nations and culturesTeaching team consists members from difference nations and cultures

Selfie after the lessonSelfie after the lesson

Group photo with local students and teachersGroup photo with local students and teachers

See who is the quickest?See who is the quickest?

Voluntary teachingVoluntary teaching

Student Reflection

Wong Sz Nga, Chinese Language and Literature, Year 1, Participant of SSLP 2016
As a Year 1 student, I would like to have a meaningful and memorable summer so I join the Summer Service and Learning Program organized by the university. It was a special experience that teaching the students in rural area. I realized that they desire to learn English. They would like to learn more and get a better understanding of the world. Even though they don’t have a sophisticated environment for learning, they treasure every learning opportunity. I was really touched by their learning attitude and I would like to try my best to tell them what the world is like and improve their English level.

Fan Zhiting, Geography, Year 2, Participant of SSLP 2016
I had never even dreamed that I can inspire others and let them find a dream. To me, teaching is not aim at making everyone know and interested in what you are talking about but let the one who are eager to learn know more. At that moment, I feel like that I have achieved the goal.

GAO Tianqi, BBA, Year 1, Participant of SSLP 2015
Before I came to the SSLP program, I am searching for the meaning of short-term voluntary teaching, some people said that these kind of teaching is too short to make any difference. After participating in SSLP,  I realize that even though the interaction between me and the local students made small changes to them only, but my words maybe influnece their mind to realize their dream. You can change your life if you want.

The SSLP volunteer recruitment for 2017 programme is not yet started. Please refer to our Facebook Fanpage for fastest and latest information ( Some basic information is as belows:

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