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Project M.A.I.L.

One of our students teaching Chinese class.



Project M.A.I.L. was established in 2017 by Hong Kong Baptist University and WKF foundation. It is a bi-annual sustainable service project aiming to provide long-term support to schools and communities in mainland China and to promote their self-development. Four groups of BU-ers—Mainland Chinese students, Alumni, International and Local students (M.A.I.L.)—will cooperate in organising and undertaking direct services such as voluntary teaching, home visits, community service, as well as social research. The first service trip was held from 20 May to 2 June 2017 in Dayu county of Jiangxi province.

Project M.A.I.L. aims at developing students’ responsible citizenship and nurturing them into servant leaders. Through direct service in mainland China with service learning approach, students will be able to deepen their understandings of the situation and challenges of China, as well as to turn their love and care into actions. Meanwhile, by bringing M.A.I.L. together, Project M.A.I.L. provides opportunities for participants of different backgrounds to learn from each other. Students can develop their sense of global citizenship via collaborating with members from different cultural backgrounds, as well as learn from the experience of their alumni team members. 

Why should I join Project M.A.I.L.?

Project M.A.I.L. offers a unique opportunity for you to plan, implement and participate in service projects in mainland China with participants of different backgrounds. Intended learning outcomes of the programme include:

  • Empowering students to become servant leaders and to make change for a better society;
  • Strengthening students’ intercultural competence and boosting their global mindset;
  • Deepening students’ understandings of vulnerable groups and communities, especially of their situation in China;
  • Promoting students' comprehensive set of abilities for planing and implementing service projects.

You will also have the chances to develop friendships with participants from various backgrounds, who you might not be able to reach in your daily life.

(Details of Project M.A.I.L. 2018 will be released soon. Please stay tuned!)

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Programme Details
Date: 23-31 December, 2017
Location: Jiangxi Province, China
Fee: HK$1,500, Deposit HK$800
Enquiry: Amber Lai (3411 7742/
Deadline for application: 02 October 2017
* Remarks:
1. Programme fee covers transportation, accommodation, basic meal fee and service materials. 
2. The deposit would be refunded upon completion of the programme.
3. Participants should have 80% attendance rate and hand in a programme report in order to complete the programme. 
4. Students should apply for absence in advance (at least 3 days prior) with valid reasons.

Programme Schedule




Promotion & Application Period

11 Sept – 02 Oct 2017


Deadline for Application

02 Oct 2017 (Mon)

12:00 noon

Interview Sessions

10 Oct -11 Oct 2017


Teambuilding Workshop

25 Oct 2017 (Wed)


Training and Preparation Workshop 01

31 Oct 2017 (Tue)


Training and Preparation Workshop 02

14 Nov 2017 (Tue)


Training and Preparation Workshop 03

21 Nov 2017 (Tue)


Training and Preparation Workshop 04

28 Nov 2017 (Tue)


Final Rehearsal

22 Dec 2017 (Fri)


Service Trip

23 Dec – 31 Dec 2017



All full-time undergraduate students in HKBU, including final year students, international and exchange students. HKBU alumni are also welcomed. 
(Priority will be given to UGC-funded students and non UGC-funded students will need pay the full cost, which differs from the mentioned fee. For more details, please contact us. ) 

Application Procedure

  1. Please read carefully the Programme Details on our website.
  2. Complete the online application.
    (application deadline: 02 Oct 2017)
  3. Attend the interview on 10 or 11 Oct 2017 upon invitation, which will be sent via email by 06 Oct 2017 at the latest.

Project M.A.I.L. 2017 (Summer)

The first Project M.A.I.L. service trip was held from 20 May to 2 June 2017 in Dayu county of Jiangxi province. During the 14-day service trip to Jiangxi, students organised various kinds of social service work, including voluntary teaching, home visits, elderly home visits and activities, as well as activities for Children’s Day. They also met and discussed with university students and volunteers in mainland China to understand more about the volunteering situation there.

Group photos of "M.A.I.L."Group photo of M.A.I.L. (From right to left: Mainland students, alumni, international students, and local students)

English class by one of our international students, TimothyStudents engaging actively in an English class taught by one of our international students, Timothy.

PE class for students of Qinglong Chijiang Primary SchoolTeaching classes with a broad range of themes, including English, EQ Management, Art and PE classes.

Home visitHome visits arranged to gain a deeper understanding of the local families and community.

Alumni and international students working togetherAlumni and international students working together in a mini carnival organised to celebrate Children’s Day in mainland China.

Tai Chji class taught by HKBU studentsA Tai Chi class taught by HKBU students in Huanglong Elderly Home.

HKBU eNews Report

HKBU collaborates with WKF Charity and Education Foundation to launch Project MAIL to broaden students’ vision by service learning 浸大與王錦輝基金會首次合辦信暖工程 服務學習拓闊學生視野

 Student Sharing

One of the participants: Chan Wai Yee


This trip allowed me to meet a lot of great people from around the world showing their love and care to the underprivileged. I am glad to have had the chance to meet these fabulous people. Thanks to them, I have got a better understanding of different cultures and now have a broader global outlook.
  - Chan Wai Yee (Year 2, Human Resources Management)

One of the participants: Chuang Hoi Kiu


Teaching had been my dream career since I was in primary school. However, I ended up straying from this dream after entering university. Thanks to this programme, as well as to the little kids I met at Qinglong Chijiang Primary School, I managed to rediscover my inherent teaching qualities and passion. I felt so at ease and natural while teaching in front of a class and talking to the children, even when the class I had to manage was an uncontrollable one.
  - Chuang Hoi Kiu (Year 3, Sociology)

One of the participants: Timothy Berrow

What we have to do is give these children role models and influences. Being in a rural village, I understand that it’s quite hard to find them as a lot of families don’t really look at it like that. Finding inspiration is what these kids need, and I hope this visit to the school opens not just the children eyes, but the teachers as well.
  - Timothy Berrow (Year 2, Film)

One of the participants: Zhong Yuting


My service learning has made me more aware of the education system in mainland China. I reflected more on it and tried to come up with more solutions to the English education problem. A possibility would be to build a free and comprehensive English learning platform.
  Zhong Yuting (Year 2, Finance)​


Leadership Qualities Centre, Office of Student Affairs

Address: Room 401, The Wing Lung Bank for Business Studies, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University

Telephone: (852) 3411 7436