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The character strength of gratitude involves feeling and expressing a deep sense of thankfulness in life, and more specifically, taking the time to genuinely express thankfulness to others. This thankfulness can be for specific gifts or thoughtful acts. It could also more generally reflect recognition of what that person contributes to your life.

Two types of gratitude:

  • Benefit-triggered gratitude - the state that follows when a desired benefit is received from a benefactor.
  • Generalized gratitude - the state resulting from awareness and appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to yourself. There are two stages of gratitude:
    • Acknowledging the goodness in your life.
    • Recognizing the source of this goodness is outside yourself.


One task is designed to encourage students to express gratitude in different environments (online and physical life) to different people. It is to promote the character of “Gratitude” around campus and acknowledge the goodness in one’s life.

Gratitude Stories

Students can get a handful of TRADITIONAL HONG KONG CANDIES for completing the above tasks.

For students who have accomplished both tasks, selected impressive story providers will be awarded HK$200 COUPON for books, sporting goods, movies or electrical appliances!

Something you feel grateful about?
Someone you are thankful for?
Write in the card for your valentine!


How to join?

  • For students who get a "Gratitude Card" at LQC counter: Write down TWO Gratitude Stories (Minimum words of each story: 50)
  • For students who want to join us via Instagram:
    • Follow official LQC Instagram account (@hkbusalqc)
    • Share your TWO stories (Minimum words of each story: 50) on your Instagram with ONE photo with #lqcgratitude2021
      • e.g. I feel grateful because I've met my best friend in Kindergarten today. You know what? We haven't seen each other for 10 years already! It was so suprised and blessed that we could catch up again. We've schedule to enoy the afternoon tea next Sunday and ...
    • Set your Instagram account to Public
  • Get a handful of TRADITIONAL HONG KONG CANDIES by returning completed Gratitude Card to LQC counter (WLB401J)
  • If you joined via Instagram, Please show your post and student ID card at LQC counter
gratitude_candies photo frame props
All BUers are welcome to capture this special moment with the photo frame.


until 28 February 2021


All are welcome

Points to Notice

1. The stories could be written in either Chinese or English.
2. Minimum words of each story: 50
3. The distribution of gifts is on first-come-first-served basis. 
4. Gifts redemption period: until 28 February 2021
5. Gifts redemption time: 10:00am to 12:30pm & 2:30pm to 5:30pm on MON to FRI
6. Gifts are presented to BU students (full-time or part-time) and staffs only.
7. Each participant may receive gifts with one Gratitude Card and one FB account only.
8. Leadership Qualities Centre reserves the right of final decision.