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Positive Coach (Student Certification Programme)


Positive Coach is an intensive training and certification programme that allows individuals to apply key concepts from Positive Psychology to one’s personal and professional life. Positive Psychology, founded by Dr Martin E.P. Seligman, is a scientific approach to study the relationship among character strengths, positive emotions, human behaviors and happiness.  It aims to help individuals in understanding and utilising their character strengths in a wide spectrum of areas including relationships, stress management, education, coaching, and etc. After the trainings, one can exhibit positive emotions, enhance communication skills, develop growth mindset, better encounter stress and challenges, or motivate others to live a happier life.


  • Enhance coaching skills by positive education
  • Help individuals understand and utilise their character strengths in daily life
  • Develop growth mindset
  • Motivate others to live a happier life


  • Students who would like to grow and thrive


Free + $600 deposit + USD39 (UoP Certificate's Cost)
* Students have to pay an exntra of USD79 for online course subscription. 
** Deposit is refundable upon full attendance of all classes and practicum and submission of reflection paper. 

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese + English

Application Deadline

3 Oct 2021 (Sunday)
* Shortlisted students will receive a confirmation email with payment details on 4 Oct 2021. 


Telephone: 3411 2335

The programme is consisted of online learning courses, face-to-face tutorial classes and practicum. Those who complete all the trainings and practicum are recognized as Certified Positive Coach and can receive:

  • Certificates by HKBU Office of Student Affairs and University of Pennsylvania (UoP)
Week Date & Time* Content Description Duration (Hour)
1 18/10/2021 Face-to-face
Preparatory Class
Introduction of positive psychology and Character Hub 2
  Online Learning
Introducing theory, research and practice of positive intervention 5
2 25/10/2021 Face-to-face Class Assisted learning and sharing 2
  Online Learning
Understanding & cultivating a healthy emotion life 4
3 1/11/2021 Face-to-face Class Assisted learning and group activities 2
  Online Learning
Identifying and using character strengths 4
4 8/11/2021 Face-to-face Class Assisted learning, group activities and use of character card 2
  Online Learning
Identifying and using character strengths 4
5 15/11/2021 Face-to-face Class Assisted learning,  use of character card and rehearsal 2


Practicum Apply learning through the programme 2.5
7 22/11/2021 Face-to-face Class Reivew and Rehearsal 3
8 27/11/2021 Practicum Apply learning through the programme 2.5
9 22/12/2021 Assignment Submit a 500-word reflection paper /
Total 35

*Face-to-face class will start at 6:30p.m., while practicum will be held in the morning. 


Ken Ngai (BSc, MBA, MSc, LLM, MHKCS)

  • Assistant Director of Student Affairs
  • ex-Deputy Executive Director, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
  • 15+ years experiences in youth service
  • Chairman of IT Subcommittee for project funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Franky Fong (BBA, MSocSc)

  • Assistant Student Development Manager
  • Registered Social Worker, Personality Dimensions® Facilitator (Level 1)
  • 10+ years experiences in coaching university students

Nicole Cheung (BSW, MAGC)

  • Student Development Officer
  • Registered Social Worker, Yoga Instructor, Certified Career Services Provider
  • 5+ years experiences in working in NGO and coaching university students