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Recruitment of Part-time helper for Online Learning: Enabling Underprivileged Learners

Recruitment of Online Supporters: Enabling Underprivileged Learners

Due to the epidemic, schools are closed and all students have to take learning at home through internet. Underprivileged students are in more difficult situations, where they lack essential computer devices to complete school work and perform online learning. Many of their parents also reported difficulties helping their children with homework and e-learning.

This programme aims at offering technical support to underprivileged learners by university students so as to solve the problems encountered when having the e-learning.

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  1. To support underprivileged students to complete school work and to enable online learning;
  2. To serve the community during the epidemic period;
  3. To offer opportunities for students to acquire essential skills for customer support.

Job Descriptions

  1. To provide computer usage support for underprivileged students such as basic computer settings and usage;
  2. To advise users on using computer for online learning e.g. installation and use of Zoom, use of PDF editor for homework.

Working Period

Weekdays in April - May 2020


Date & Time Content Location

30 March 2020 15:00-16:00

Briefing & Training Session


April - May 2020 Working Period

1st week on Campus;

Work from home afterwards

Mid/Late May 2020 (tbc) Sharing Session T.B.C
Late May 2020 Submission of reflection N/A

Application Requirements

  1. Current HKBU full time undergraduate and post-graduate students;
  2. Possess good computer skills and be familiar with general computer softwares (e.g. Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, etc);
  3. Have effective and mature interpersonal and communication skills;
  4. With positive attitude and willing to learn;
  5. Be passionate in doing community services;
  6. Fluent in Cantonese and be able to communicate in English and Putonghua
  7. Have teaching experiences will be an advantage.


Hourly rate

Online Application

Application Deadline

Until vacancies filled.

Enquiry / 3411 2326