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Service-Learning Global Internship Programme (SLGIP)


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Service-Learning Global Internship Programme (SLGIP) offers you an opportunity to participate in different non-profit/non-governmental organizations in different cities.

By joining SLGIP, you are encouraged to step out from your comfort zone and explore the unexpected and undiscovered possibilities throughout your stay during the internship period. We expect our participants could learn and grow from the amazing experiences.

SLGIP is not just a channel for you to search for an internship position, but also a rare chance to enable you to understand more about your inner self and the communities.



Service-Learning Global Internship Programme (SLGIP) aims to nurture participants into globally-minded citizens by providing various internship opportunities in Non-governmental organizations (NGO) and social enterprises worldwide. The immersive experiences of working side-by-side with local community members target to widen students’ perspectives on societal and global issues by enhancing their reflection and awareness through hands-on and active participation.

What Can You Learn?

After the programme, you will:
  • have broader knowledge, deeper concern, and greater awareness on societal and global issues;
  • have deeper knowledge about the services of Non-governmental organizations (NGO)/social enterprises worldwide and have deeper understanding about the needs of vulnerable groups;
  • be able to have reflection on individual and social issues;
  • uphold a positive and passionate serving attitude to contribute to the local and global societies.



UPDATED DEADLINE: 16 Feb 2020 (Sun)
For application of SLGIP, please click HERE.

Locations and Partner Organizations

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the period of the internship may be adjusted. Please keep track of the information online.


Nature of service


Duration of stay

No. of Students

For local student

New Taipei City Toy Bank

Toy library, parent-children centre and toy education

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Late May to mid-Jul (7 weeks) (tbc)


Haishan Senior Citizens’ Welfare Institute

Service to the elderly

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Late May to mid-Jul (7 weeks) (tbc)


The carpenter's coffee bar

Carpentry handcrafted and recycled goods design; store and coffee shop management

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Early Jul to mid-Aug (7 weeks) (tbc)


Hsia-Yun Elementary School

Assist teachers in teaching, activities and school administration, and devote themselves into Aboriginal culture

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Late May to mid-Jul (7 weeks) (tbc)


Fuxing Toy Bus

Provide parent-children activities for rural schools and communities

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Late May to mid-Jul (7 weeks) (tbc)


Zuntou Elementary School

Homework tutorial for primary school students, event planning. The school emphasizes on art education.

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Late May to mid-Jul (7 weeks) (tbc)


Nanao Natural Farm

Natural farming and product distribution

Yilan, Taiwan

Mid-June to mid-July (flexible) (4 weeks) (tbc)


Co-Life Home

Service to the homeless and underprivileged

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Mid-Jun to late Jul (flexible) (6 weeks) (tbc)


Mental Rehabilitation Association of Nantou County

Assist in toy recycle projects/ Toy delivery to the rural area

Nantou, Taiwan

Late May to mid-Jul (7 weeks) (tbc)



Organize different variety of interest groups, self-development training programmes for youth


Late Jun to late Aug (8 weeks) (tbc)


Cheerful Life Foundation

Provide children and youth services

Bangkok, Thailand

Mid-Jun to mid-Jul (4 weeks) (tbc)


For local and international student

Ma Te Sai

Help the orgnaization in product marketing and develop community-based tourism in the villages that they support

Luang Prabang, Laos

Early Jun to early Jul (4 weeks) (tbc)


For local, mainland and international student

La Village Franco-Chinois

Family service in the Chinese community

Toulouse, France



Insein Grace Haven Children Home

Teach in children’s home

Yangon, Myanmar

Early Jun to early Jul (4 weeks) (tbc)


B.A.M.S. - Build A Music School

Music teaching in orphanage

Kengtung, Myanmar

Early Jul to early Aug (4 weeks) (tbc)


Extreme Love Ministries

Prevent human trafficking by outreaching, education and empowerment programme

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mid-Jun to mid-Jul (4 weeks) (tbc)


Happy Tree Social Services

Teach/Services for Orphanages

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mid-Jun to mid-Jul (4 weeks) (tbc)


Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM)

Organize activities to build awareness of human rights in the community

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Early Jun to late Jul (8 weeks) (tbc)


Science and Technology Training Centre (STTC)

Building of classrooms and playground for migrant schools

Mae Sot, Thailand

Early Jul to late Jul (4 weeks) (tbc)


Future Village

Provide education, health and agricultural assistance to residents of Katunge Village

Katunge Village, Nepal



* Christian required

 Programme Fee

  1. Deposits: HK$1,500 (Refundable upon completion and satisfactory performance)
  2. Students are required to apply visa and prepare fights and accommodation themselves. (Recommendation would be provided)
  3. Eligible students may apply HKSAR Government Reaching Out Award (ROA).
  4. Students who fail to receive ROA could apply SA SLGIP Award from Office of Student Affairs. For more details, please visit the "Award" tab.

Fore more information, you can select different tabs at the top of the page (below the SLGIP banner).



- The SLGIP Award will be for all full-time UGC-funded undergraduate students with cGPA 2.3 who have satisfactory performance in SLGIP (good attendance and no negative feedback from the internship agency).

- Students, who apply the Reaching Out Award successfully, cannot receive the SLGIP Award concurrently.

- CIE students are NOT eligible for the SLGIP Award. Please consult SCE/CIE for their subsidies.

Calculation Guideline:

Zone 1:
Zone 2:
Thailand, Laos, Myanmar
Zone 3:
Cambodia, Malaysia
Zone 4:
4 weeks HK$2,500 HK$3,500             HK$5,000       HK$6,500
5 weeks or above HK$3,500 HK$4,500              HK$6,000       HK$9,000

*The award information about France and Nepal will be coming soon.
*If the internship agency provides free accommodation, HK$1,500 will be deducted from the award amount.
*If there is no direct flight to the destination, extra HK$1,500 award amount could be given to the students for additional flight cost (subject to the organizer’s approval). Please note that if there is direct flight, but students choose to take transit flight, no additional award amount will be given.


The 7-week internship in Taiwan broadens my horizons of the social services in New Taipei City. I had opportunities to work as the staff of New Taipei Toy Bank to serve the elderly and children in remote areas through the medium of second-hand toys, organize activities for the residents there, and hold a course regarding parenting education towards the children and their parents.
- Lung Wing Yu (China Studies - Sociology) [New Taipei City Toy Bank] 


While serving as music teachers at Build A Music School (B.A.M.S), we were so amazed by our students’ hard work and perseverance. Waking up real early in the morning and starting the class at 6:30 am, none of our students was lazy – they were highly focused in class and willing to learn. No matter how many times they failed to achieve the goal of playing the rhythm correctly, they kept trying. They reminded us of a famous quote: “You never know how close you are... Never give up on your dreams!”
- Li Jess (Music) [B.A.M.S. - Build A Music School]



All full-time undergraduate students in HKBU, including final year students.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the online application.
    (application deadline: 16 Feb 2020 (Sun) 23:59)
  2. Attend the 1st round online interview on 19, 20 or 21/2 (Wed-Fri) upon invitation, which will be sent via email by 18 Feb 2020 at the latest.
  3. Applicants who pass the 1st round interview will be invited to attend the 2nd round interview when the class is resumed.






Tel: (852) 34112279 / 34112326


Address: Room 401, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University