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Change-Makers Programme (CMP)

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What is Change-Makers Programme (CMP)?

With the motto “Global Vision, Local Action”, Change-Makers Programme (CMP) aims to nurture participants into becoming responsible global citizens who care about the world around them. The programme consists of (a) training sessions, (b) an overseas field trip and (c) post-trip advocacy activities. Students have the opportunity to carry out creative action plans with the objective of making some changes to address a particular issue. Student participants will develop to be agents of social change for a better world for humanity through a series of research and experiential learning activities.

Selected Global Issue for Study in 2017-18

"Social Inclusion: Art Has No Boundaries"

poster_Eng Do you know what non-visual art is?
Have you ever imaged that visually impaired people can enjoy and create art?

Visually impaired people have their own ways to express their creativity. This year, the Change-Makers Programme will visit Taiwan to explore and experience different forms of non-visual art with you. The programme aims to achieve social inclusion by breaking through the stereotypes and rediscovering the characteristics, needs and potentials of the visually impaired people.

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