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Change-Makers Programme (CMP)

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What is Change-Makers Programme (CMP)?

With the motto “Global Vision, Local Action”, Change-Makers Programme (CMP) aims to nurture participants into becoming responsible global citizens who care about the world around them. The programme consists of (a) training sessions, (b) an overseas field trip and (c) post-trip advocacy activities. Students have the opportunity to carry out creative action plans with the objective of making some changes to address a particular issue. Student participants will develop to be agents of social change for a better world for humanity through a series of research and experiential learning activities.

Selected Global Issue for Study in 2018-19

Each year, the Change-Makers Programme will select a different global issue for study.
In 2018/19, the selected issue is "Animal Welfare".
Animal welfare is a complex and multifaceted issue which involves scientific, ethical, economic, cultural, social, religious and political dimensions.
This year, Change-Makers Programme will try to explore this issue with student participants by different experiential learning activities in 3 stages, including:

(1) Preparation:

  • Visit to local community to understand the situation of street dogs and cats
  • Workshops to understand topics related to animal welfare, including adoption, econimic animals, etc.
  • Service to local NGOs

(2) Experience:

  • Overseas Service tour (7-8 days) to Johor Bahru, Malaysia to serve dogs, cats, horses and primates.

(3) Action:

  • Design and organize advocacy activities (Eg. fund-raising event, produce design, promotion booth, sharing session, etc.)






Programme Fee

HK$3,200* (After deduction of SA subsidy) + HK$500 Deposit
(Original programme fee: HK$7,000)

*Include airfare, meal, local transportation, accommodation and workshop fee.
*NOT include application fee of visa (for non-local students)

* If students cannot perform satisfactory performance# during the programme, he/she will be required to pay the original programme fee.

#80% of attendance and submit a programme report. Students should apply for absence in advance (at least 3 days prior) with valid reasons. Experiential learning activity, overseas service tour, advocacy activity are compulsory items (marked as **).

^Non-UGC-fund students and foreign students who exchange in HKBU cannot enjoy the SA subsidy.

Programme Schedule (tentative)




Recruitment & Application Period

4  Sep - 25 Sep 2018


Application Deadline

25 Sep 2018 (Tue)


Interview Sessions

28 Sep and 2 Oct 2018


1. Preparation

Welcome Session  & Team Building**

16 Oct 2018 (Tue)

1900 - 2200

Be their voice - Animal Right Workshop (CCL workshop) (optional)

23 Oct 2018 (Tue)


Workshop about econimc animals

31 Oct 2018 (Wed)

1900 - 2200

Visit to local community**

10 Nov 2018 (Sat)


Service to local NGO**

17 Nov 2018 (Sat)


Meeting about advocacy activity I

22 Nov 2018 (Thurs)


Meeting about advocacy activity II

29 Nov 2018 (Thurs)


Preparation for Overseas Service Tour**

31 Dec 2018 (Mon)


2. Experience


Overseas Service Tour to Johor Bahru, Malaysia**

2 - 9 Jan 2019 (TBC)


3. Action


17 Jan 2019 (Thu)

1900 - 2200

Preparation for Advocacy

Early Feb – Mar 2019


Self-initiative Advocacy Project**

April 2019


Reporting and Evaluation

May 2019



Full-time undergraduate HKBU students. All local, non-local, international students in HKBU are welcome.

Application Procedure

  1. Please read carefully the Programme Details on our website.
  2. Complete the online application.
    (application deadline: 25 Sep 2018)
  3. Attend the interview on 28 Sep or 2 Oct 2018 upon invitation, which will be sent via email by 27 Sep 2018 at the latest.

Programme Highlights (2016/17)

In 2016/17, the Change-Makers Programme (CMP) was focused on the issue of "social inclusion". After research and skills training, 15 change-makers visited Berlin, the winner of the “2013 Access City Award for Disabled-friendly Cities” for 11 days in January 2017 to learn about Germany’s Barrier-free facilities and policies. Furthermore, the participants initiated several advocacy activities, including Awareness Day on campus and launching braille menu at the Pacific Coffee at HKBU.

Experiential activityExploring the community in a wheelchair during the pre-trip training.

Disability does not stop us from enjoying the beauty of Berlin, the winner of the “2013 Access City Award for Disabled-friendly Cities”.Disability does not stop us from enjoying the beauty of Berlin, the winner of the “2013 Access City Award for Disabled-friendly Cities”.

The story of Ms. Kerstin Gaedicke, a visually impaired lecturer, impresses us a lot.The story of Ms. Kerstin Gaedicke, a visually impaired lecturer, impresses us a lot.

Postcard designed by the Change-Makers for the advocacy activity.Postcard designed by the Change-Makers for the advocacy activity.

Awareness Day on campus.Awareness Day on campus.

Change-Makers Programme 2016/17

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