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Freshman Experience Programme – Community Explorer

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The Freshman Experience Programme – Community Explorer is an initiative of Leadership Qualities Centre, Office of Student Affairs, by providing a package of learning items delivered in both seminar and active learning approaches, that aims to enhance the freshmen’s sense of belonging to BU and their positive mindset as university students, as well as their readiness to learn, to lead and to serve through social support groups, so that caring communities among students can be formed. It aligns with the University's commitment to Whole Person Education and serves as one of the initial platforms for freshmen's personal development, ultimately targeting their attainment of the seven HKBU Graduate Attributes.

Upon completion of the programme, participants are expected to:

  • Have enhanced their awareness of becoming a BUer, and understood their roles as members of the University, the society and the nation as a whole while gaining a sense of belonging to these local and global communities;
  • Have developed their service attitude and mutual support spirit by building up caring communities among themselves;
  • Have comprehended the key concept of servant leadership and developed their serving and leading skills through experiential learning activities.

Be a BUer - Making meaningful choices and decisions

Community Explorer welcomes all freshmen without selection and limitation. The feeling of inclusiveness of participants would bring a step forward to the success of building up their sense of belonging to the University.

Moreover, the group and individual reflection after the common experience would help discovering one’s potential and abilities, and building up personal and team values, hence to establish the self-identity and to encourage self-actualisation with the attribute of a BUer: Be ready to serve and to lead.

Caring Communities - To learn, to lead and to serve through a social support group

The learning communities foster social engagement among first-year students and senior students in the university. They provide a supportive environment to develop peer relationship as well as achievemen then to a smooth adaptation to the university life. Freshmen also get useful information through peer interaction so that they can plan for achievable short-term and long-term goals with peer support.

Moreover, freshmen would build up solid relationship with their community members from various faculties. Indeed, the social bond would enhance an active learning culture and peer support throughout their entire university life.

Experiential Learning Activities - Amazing learning experience in different themes

Knowledge is continuously created through the transformation of experiences; learning occurs through actions. Community Explorer provides learning opportunities beyond lecture rooms and brings brand new experience to our freshmen.

The learning activities of Community Explorer are fun, interesting and meaningful. Students would be able to discover the self, the community and society in different ways and perspectives. Such new experience must be integrated with past experiences through intermittent reflection for true learning to occur. The sharing of the common experience in an individual community, facilitated by the Community Advisors (CAs), would definitely reinforce the self-reflection as well as the group-reflection, deepening the learning of each participant.

Train the Trainers Approach - Sustainable development

“Train the Trainers” is not only a strategy for leadership development, but also vital for the programme sustainability. Community Explorer relies on volunteered senior students to be CAs in each community to ensure that the caring atmosphere is well passed to the fresh band of Community Members (CMs). Moreover, CAs perform as role models for freshmen and make every community a purposeful and meaningful one. Actually, many CAs are past participants in previous years. They have grown, with their leadership qualities and skills developed via the programme, then they re-engage to help the newcomers; meanwhile, they sharpen their skills under the coaching of the Centre staff. Such a cycle encourages students' engagement and passes on the spirit of the programme.

Shek Kip Mei and Sham Shui Po, the two districts near HKBU.
Build up our BU community while exploring our neighbouring communities.

Poster of Freshman Experience Programme - Community Explorer 2017-18


I. Kick-off and Team-building 部落建立夜
Date: 2017-09-26 (Tue)
Time: 18:45–22:00
Venue: AAB 301-303

Community Members (CMs) mingle with each other, do some team-building and exchange their expectations. Consulting the BU Living Library to learn about BU.


II. Thematic Community Exploring Activities 主題 X 社區
Period: Late September to early November 2017
Venue: HKBU and Shek Kip Mei or Sham Shui Po

Freshmen will be matched to form communities of 8-10 CMs, led by 2 peer leaders – Community Advisors (CAs), and join the following activities under the theme they have chosen.

A workshop and 2 direct services will be arranged for CAs and CMs to learn the needs of and challenges faced by the visually impaired. The issue of inclusiveness will be investigated also.
Partner organisation: Shek Kip Mei Lutheran Centre for the Blind
Language: Cantonese

Date and Time
2017-09-30 (Sat)
Shek Kip Mei Lutheran Centre for the Blind 路德會石硤尾失明者中心 Workshop: Knowing More About the Visually Impaired
To talk with the visually impaired people and learn about their lives and difficulties. To visit the Centre for the Blind and equip yourself with service techiques and points to note on service to the visually impaired. You will then go on to plan the service.
(=1 CCL unit)
2017-10-15 (Sun)

元朗南生圍 Yuen Long Nam Sang Wai/ 
屯門環保園 EcoPark

Service to the Visually Impaired: Outing
To navigate the visually impaired during an outdoor trip. Use your voice to lead them to feel the outside world.
(=1 CCL unit)
2017-11-04 (Sat)
HKBU 浸大 Service to the Visually Impaired: Welcome to HKBU
To lead the visually impaired to be half-day HKBU students and learn about the HKBU campus by senses other than eyes.
(=1 CCL unit)

A study group on bazaars and community-oriented economy, a visit to the Sham Shui Po bazaar, and a visit to families living in sub-divided units will be arranged for CAs and CMs to learn the living condition and needs of grass roots and the function and necessity of community-oriented economy.
Partner organisation: Concern For Grassroots Livelihood Alliance Limited
Language: Cantonese

Date and Time
2017-10-11 (Wed)
HKBU 浸大 Study Group and Preparation for Visit
To look into the topics of bazaars and community-oriented economy, learn about their values and function and influence to the society. You will also prepare for the visit to grass roots' homes.
(=1 CCL unit)
Team A:
2017-10-18 (Wed)

Team B:
2017-10-27 (Fri)
Night Bazaar, Sham Shui Po 深水埗午夜墟 Visit: Night Bazaar
Led by a social worker and immersed in the bazaar in Sham Shui Po, let's study and feel its culture and value.
(=1 CCL unit)
Team A:
2017-10-25 (Wed)

Team B:
2017-10-20 (Fri)
Sham Shui Po 深水埗 Visit: Grass Roots' Homes
To visit the sub-divided units in Sham Shui Po and learn about their living condition and stories as well as the daily lives of Sham Shui Po grass roots.
(=1 CCL unit)


III. Appreciation and Sharing 部落分享夜
Date: 2017-11-07 (Tue)
Time: 18:45–21:00
Venue: AAB 301-303

Communities share what they found, felt and learnt during the experience and service. Professionals are also invited to the gathering to introduce their real-world experience in serving different local communities.

(=1 CCL unit)


Notes 備註:

  • The activity marked with "(=1 CCL unit)" is recognised as 1 CCL event.
    標示「(=1 CCL unit)」的活動計算作一次聯通課程 (CCL) 的認可。
  • CMs are required to attend all of the above 5 activities.
  • Attendance of 80% or above (in terms of activities) is required for completion of the programme. A certificate will be awarded to the participant of successful completion.
  • Enquiry: Mr To, Leadership Qualities Centre, Office of Student Affairs
    (3411 5913 /

CCL-recognised Completion of the programme will grant 4 CCL units.

Welcome to Freshman Experience Programme
Come join us!


All Year 1 students in UGC-funded undergraduate degree, or associate degree, or higher dipolma programmes

Programme Period:

Late September to mid-November 2017


HKD 50 (programme fee) + HKD 200 (refundable deposit)

Online Application:

Application closed

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." (Henry ford)

We believe that young people who step in a new pathway at the university is just like starting a voyage. We welcome all interested freshmen to join. It certainly helps prepare freshmen to engage in the BU community. It is our vision that Freshman Experience Programme – Community Explorer will become a common experience among freshmen and get them ready to embark on their fruitful journey of whole person education in the University.


This programme is open to all Year-1 students to join. The fact that there were no screenings and short-lisitngs of members posed a new challenge for me. "Unless there are many people who want the leader to be successful, he can hardly succeed"-- the golden rule of leadership. As the saying goes, the wise man learns from his own mistakes; the wiser man learns from others' mistakes; but the wisest man learns from others' success. Today I stand on the shoulders of followers who significantly increased the value of my life. Because of them, I am able to see my shortcomings and in turn be able to further perfect myself. I am grateful for having met such wonderful companions in my life, and the opportunities to learn from one another.

YEUNG Ting-wai Victor, Community Advisor 2013

I cherish this opportunity that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and find a breakthrough comes with the realization that we need courage to utilise our potentials. Quite unlike other programmes which are centred around physical activities and challenges, our Civic Concern Discussion Group offered a mental challenge. This mental challenge has nurtured our growth from a secondary school student to a university student.

CHAN Michelle Vanessa Wang, Community Member (Discussion Group) 2013

I have grown a lot from the semester's activities. Not only shold we treasure our resources and living, conquer difficulties, but we should serve other people and society. The less fortunate needs help and attention from us and the society. The team needs more people to get involved.

SHANG Yu, Community Member (Low Income Family Service) 2013

Because I entered HKBU via the 2nd round of JUPAS, I was unable to participate in any of the New Student Orientation activities or camps. moreover, I did not have any friends that I knew well on campus. Therefore, before I joined this programme, I thought the coming 4 years of my university life would be filled with loneliness and helplessness. But when I met and began to talk with my community Advisors and fellow members, I slowly realize university life was not as boring as I once thought it would be. During our gatherings, I was able to build trust and friendships. Moreover, I was able to understand more about my own personality and thoughts, as well as those of my group mates.

YEUNG Yee-mei, Community Member (Group Exploration) 2013

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