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隨處隨動 Exercise Anywhere

Are you a couch potato already ?  Feel bored at home ?  You are not alone. 



An inactive lifestyle at home can lead to health problems to us too.   HKBU had designed a series of physical exercise you can do at home.  Dr. Lobo Louie and his team will demonstrate you how you can maintain suitable exercise while staying at home.  Practise it from today.  Soon we will see amazing benefits reflected in your body.

What’s more ?  Isn’t it fun to have friends doing exercise with you everyday.  You may also win certificate and Chinese Medicine Decoction prepared by School of Chinese Medicine, HKBU. 


  1. 以個人名義或團隊名義(最多四名成員)報名參加「隨處隨動」;
  2. 觀看居家運動短片
  3. 輸入每日運動紀錄,並附以一張或以上的照片;
  4. 活動將於4月6日開始, 直至5月11日(暫定);
  5. 團隊得獎結果將每周公佈。每周運動紀錄將於周一開始重新計算。

Join our Exercise Anywhere campaign now.  

  1. Register yourself or as a team (maximum 4 members) to the Exercise Anywhere;
  2. Watch the home exercise videos;
  3. Submit the daily exercise record with a photo(s);
  4. Campaign will start in 6 April 2020 to 11 May 2020 (tentative);
  5. Team results will be announced weekly.  Record will be restarted weekly Monday.



  1. 每人平均最長運動時間(以最長時間的四周計算)
  2. 全體最長累積運動時間(以最長時間的四周計算)
  3. 最踴躍成員(以最長時間的四周計算)

All participants complete the campaign for successive 2 weeks or more will receive a participation certificate and Chinese Medicine Decoction prepared by School of Chinese Medicine, HKBU;

Awards to team

  1. Highest Average time by participant ( over the highest 4 weeks)
  2. Longest Cumulated Exercise time by Team (over the highest 4 weeks)
  3. Highest Team member participation  (over the highest 4 weeks)