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Subsidy for Participation in Virtual International Conference (Pandemic Relief)

Subsidy for Participation in Virtual International Conference (Pandemic Relief)

The COVID-19 attack has unprecedentedly affected us all in 2020.  Before seeing its end, large part of 2021 is expected to be spent with anti-pandemic measures hoisted.  With all the restrictions and health concerns, global learning experience of students are greatly affected.  Therefore, a support scheme for students to participate in virtual international conferences is provided.

A list of selected international conferences is provided as below.  HKBU students are invited to attend these conferences.  Subsidy will be provided for conferences with cost.  100 coupons of iCafe of HK$25-worth will be gifted for students who attended conferences as an encouragement.

Title of Conferences Date Fee Subsidy CCL Recognized
YMCA Youth-led Solutions The Future of Work Summit 7 - 9 June 2021 Free / 1
Fishbowl Challenge for Young Entrepreneurs#
#Applicants are required to submit a recommendation from professional parties to the organizer by 6 July 2021.
1 July 2021 Free / 1



*The list will be appended regularly.

Different types of ticket provided

Register InterestApply for SubsidySubmit your Conference Report 


Procedures and Requirements:

procedure of Subsidy for Participation in Virtual International Conference

  1. Students intended to apply for participation in the selected conferences must register with Leadership Qualities Centre (LQC) before making application.  Link to register here.
  2. Students are responsible for applying themselves for the conferences.  Please refer to the websites of respective conferences for making application.
  3. Students should handle themselves to fulfill the requirements of the conference. 
  4. Students who have completed the conference (prior registered with LQC) can submit the completion record or relevant participation record to LQC within 1 month together with a Conference Report.  Conference Report can be found here.
  5. Conference fee subsidy is limited by quota.  Please register with LQC to confirm subsidy support as soon as possible. 
  6. Students of first-time participation in international conference will be given priority.
  7. The Office of Student Affairs reserves the right of final decision.


If there are other international conferences worth considering to be included in the list, please email the suggestions to  The Office will consider the costs, the time, the format and nature, the learning elements and the suitability of the suggestion to include.