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Scholarship Letter Printing upon Request 2021-22

Scholarships and Financial Aid
22 APR 2022 | 12 JUN 2022
Please Note:
This registration is for invited students only. Note that the online registration is opened from 9 May to 12 June 2022. Requests for the printing of letter after the deadline may not be entertained.

You may use the notification email sent out by SFA of the Office of Student Affairs as your record of the scholarships/awards received in 2021-22 academic year.

However, if you would like to obtain a hard copy of the notification letter (click here to view the sample), please send your request to us via this online registration. Unless you specifically indicated which scholarship(s) you would like to include in the letter, we will automatically list out all the scholarship(s) mentioned in our email(s) in the notification letter. So you only need to register once (i.e., there is no need to repeatedly register for every scholarship that you got in 2021-22). Once the letter is ready around end of July, you will be notified by email for the details on the collection of your letter. Kindly note that the letter will only be issued once and no re-prints are available.