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Director's Welcome

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Dear Students,

Welcome to the homepage of the Office of Student Affairs! We care about you and are committed to serve in various ways in order to facilitate your development of whole person which is in line with the University’s mission. Through the launch of the Whole Person Development Inventory (WPDI) in collaboration with the Department of Education Studies, Social Work and Sociology, not only can we have a better understanding of the needs of our students in this dynamic society, but students can also know about their own strengths and weaknesses in their character and abilities. With this information, we strive our best to provide quality services and co-curricular programmes, including but not limited to leadership training, counselling and mental health enhancement, career advising and preparation. Through engaging students in the U-Life/Campus-Life and Hall-Life activities and functions, we aim to cultivate a caring, respectful and yet stimulating learning environment on campus.

We sincerely wish you enjoy the partnership with us and other units of the University so that when you graduate, you are well prepared for a new page of life and will become responsible citizens and make contributions to the community.

My Warmest Regards,
Prof. Gordon Y. N. Tang
Director of Student Affairs