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Students’ Participation in University Governance


The University Community is predominately comprised of student members. To ensure that students' views and concerns are properly addressed in the University's policy-formulation process as well as to promote their sense of belonging to the University, the membership of a majority of the policy-making and advisory organs of the University is open to students representatives.


If you would like to relay your comments to the student representatives, please send an email to Our Office will pass the comments to the student representatives for their follow-up.




Mr LAU Tsz Kei (President of Students' Union)



Mr LAU Tsz Kei (President of Students' Union)

Last Updated: 1 September 2017

More about the Senate and the Election of Student Representatives to the Senate


Student Representative of Name
President of Students' Union (ex-officio) Mr. LAU Tsz Kei
President of Postgraduate Association (ex-officio) (Vacant)
Faculty of Arts Mr. AU Hon Him
School of Busines Mr. HO Ho Yin
School of Chinese Medicine Ms. TANG Lai Man
School of Communication Ms. WONG Tsz Kiu
Faculty of Science Mr. LIU Wai Lim
Faculty of Social Sciences Mr. LEE Shing Hin
Academy of Visual Arts Ms. TANG Hiu Ki
School of Continuing Education (Election to be Organized in October 2017)
Taught Postgraduates (Election to be Organized in October 2017)
Research Postgraduates Mr. YIP Kwan Chung


Academic Development Committee  
-  Library Committee  
Quality Assurance Committee  
-  General Education Committee  
-  Undergraduate Admissions Committee  
-  Undergraduate Regulations Committee  
-  Taught Postgraduate Regulations Committee  
-  QAC Taskforce on University Language Policy Mr. LAU Tsz Kei (Students' Union Representative)
Mr. AU Hon Him (UG Representative)
(To be nominated) (TPg Representative)
Mr. MAI Guangcan (RPg Representative)
Research Committee  
-  Research Postgraduate Studies Committee  
Student Affairs Committee  
-  Panel on Disciplinary Cases Mr LAU Tsz Kei (SU President)
Miss TANG Hiu KI (Senator-AVA)
-  Panel on Student Activities Fund Mr CHING Ho Leung (SU)
Miss FOO Wing Lam (Academic Society SA-ABS)
Miss LAM Tsoi Man (Interest Club SA-UAYP)
-  Undergraduate Scholarship Committee  
Teaching and Learning Policy Committee  

Number of student members in each Faculty/School Board and Management Committee depends on the policy of the relevant Faculty/School/Course.

Faculty of Arts School of Business
School of Chinese Medicine School of Communication
Faculty of Science Faculty of Social Science
Academy of Visual Art  

 Faculty of Arts

Mr Chan Tak San
Miss Chan Hiu Lam
Mr Chan Hung Ming
Mr Chan Ngo Tin
Mr Chiu Sung Ho
Mr Lai Huen Long
Miss Ngo Klarissa
Miss Tse Wing Lam
Miss Wong Hiu Nam April


 School of Business

Miss Batyrkanova Symbat
Mr Ching Ho Yin
Mr Huang He Simon
Miss Kwok Ni Ni
Miss Lau Yee Lynn
Mr Law Kin Ho Kevin
Mr Lee Chak Hong, Salas
Mr Ling Tsz Lung
Mr Lo Ki Yiu Leo
Miss Ng Hoi Yee, Priscilla
Mr Ng Tung Man
Mr Pau Forbes Chek Long
Miss Sun Tsz Kwan Brenda
Miss Tsang Pui Yi Athena
Mr Wan Tin Ho Leo
Mr Wan Wai Man Wyman
Miss Wong Yee Man Randy
Miss Yeung Hoi Lam


 School of Chinese Medicine

Miss Au Lok Yi
Miss Wong Hoi Lam


 School of Communication

Mr Fung Tat Chun Frankie
Miss Lee Wing Sze
Miss Leung Ka Wing
Mr Mak Sin Hang
Miss Ng Tsz Ching
Mr Wong Wing Fung
Mr Yang Yiran
Miss Wong Ka Hei


 Faculty of Science

Mr Chan Wai Kin
Mr Lau Hang Ngai
Mr Ng Kaoru
Mr Liu Wai Lim
Mr Tsui Tsz Yat
Mr Yeung Lap ming
Ms Yeung Pui Ling


 Faculty of Social Science

Mr Chan Chun Ho
Miss Chung Jessie
Mr Efstratios Pourzitakis
Mr Ho Chun Ho
Mr Jian Pengyu
Mr Law Tsun Sing
Miss Li Mei Sze
Miss Liu Tsz Yan
Mr Ng Chi Wing
Mr Wong Cham Wing
Mr Wong Yuk Chun
Miss Syeda Kanwal Hassan


 Academy of Visual Art

Miss CHONG Yan Xuan
Miss LEUNG Hiu Ting
Miss LI Lok Yi
Miss PAOLA Sinisterra Tenorio
Mr TAM Tak Hei


Major committees Under the Administration


Advisory Committee on Graduate Employment

Miss LEUNG Ka Yi (SU)
FOO Wing Lam (Academic Society SA-ASB)
Miss CHONG Yan Xuan (Academic Society U-VASS)

Advisory Committee on the Language Enhancement Programme

Mr LO Hei Yin (Academic Society SA-COMM)
Miss SUEN Yuen Yi (Academic Society SA-TRAN)

Better Environment Endeavor

Miss LAM Tsoi Man (Interest Club SA-UAYP)

Environmental Health and Safety Committee

Mr LAU Tsz Kei (SU)

Exhibition and Conference Facilities Management Committee

Miss LEUNG Ka Yi (SU)
CHONG Yan Xuan (Academic Society SU-VASS)

Internationalization Advisory Committee

Mr LAU Tsz Kei (SU)

IT Users’ Subcommittee


Learning Commons Management Committee

Mr LEUNG Ho Fai (SU)

Residence Life Committee

Mr CHIU King Long (CAI)
Miss LI Yau Kwan (CAI)
Miss LI Pui Ka (SOONG)
Miss LIU Ka Wing (YANG)
Mr LO Pak Yau (ZHOU)
Miss POON Wing In (ZHOU)

Sports Facilities Management Committee

Mr FUNG King Chiu (SU)
LO Hin Ho (Academic Society SA-COMM)
TSUI Wing Yee (Interest Club SA-UAYP)

Student Residence Management Board


Student Residence Operation Committee

Mr CHIU King Long (CAI)
Miss SHEK Wing Tung (CAI)
Miss LAW Wun King (YANG)
Mr LO Pak Yau Pine (ZHOU)
Miss CHANG Man Sheung (ZHOU)



Other Administrative Committees or User Groups


Miss LAI Hiu Ching (Interest Club SA-ROTA)

Miss SHING Yu (SU)
Leung Ka Yi (SU)

  • Campus Master Plan - Student Focus Group

Mr CHAN Wai Tung
Mr CHEN Wai Hang
Miss CHENG Mei Yan
Mr CHING Ho Leung
Miss CHOW Pui Han
Mr LAU Tsz Kei
Mr LEE Tsz Hin
Mr LO Hei Yin
Miss POON Man
Miss TAK Tsz Yan
Mr TAM Ho Hin
Mr TO Kwok Tou
Mr WONG Yin Ming Isaiah

  • Catering Advisory Committee - HSH Campus

Mr LEUNG Ho Fai (SU)
CHIU Wing Ho (Academic Society SA-CHEM)
Miss TSUI Wing Yee (Interest Club SA-UAYP)

  • Catering Advisory Committee - Renfrew & AAB Main Canteen

Mr Leung Ho Fai (SU)
Miss WONG Cheuk Ying (Academic Society SU-QSSS)
Mr CHEUNG Kar Yiu (Academic Society SA-SOWK)
Mr YIM Kai Hung (Academic Society SA-HIST)

  • Catering Advisory Committee - BUR Campus-Starbucks

Miss LEUNG Ka Yi (SU)
Miss TSUI Wing Yee (Interest Club SA-UAYP)
Miss LAM Nga Yee (Academic Society  SA-COMM)
Miss CHAN Sin Ying (Interest Club SU-ENACT)
Miss CHIU Tsz Tong Daphne (Interest Club SA-ROTA)

Mr LEUNG Ho Fai (SU)
Miss CHEUNG Yan Kiu (SU)
Miss MAN Lai Chu (ARTS)
Miss WONG Michelle Wing Lam  (BUS)
Miss HO Wing Yan (SCM)
Miss PUN Wing Suet Sharon (COMM)
Miss CHAN Tsz Ting (SCI)
Miss YUENG Hau Tan (SOSC)
Mr LEE Ka Ho (VA)
Miss PAN Wen Hui (PG)

  • Joint Committee on Student Finance

Mr CHING Ho Leung (SU) 

  • Open Space (Planning) Working Group

Mr CHAN Kai Fung (SU)

  • Proposed Hostel and Academic Building Complex (Planning) Working Group

Miss CHENG Mei Yan
Mr Lau Tsz Kei
Mr LEE Tsz Hin
Mr Leung Ho Fai
Mr TO Kwok Tou
Mr WONG Yin Ming Isaiah

Miss LEE Kwun Yu (CAI)
Mr WONG Chi Hang (CAI)
Mr YUNG Tsz Hin (CAI)
Mr NG Chi Fai (SOONG)
Miss YAU Hiu Tung (SOONG)
Miss YEUNG Tsz Ching (SOONG)
Mr LAM Yun Pun (YANG)
Miss LAW Wun King (YANG)
Miss WONG Hou Wun (YANG)
Miss SHEK Hong Yi (ZHOU)
Mr SHI Ka Lok (ZHOU)
Mr TSE Cheuk Yin (ZHOU)

Mr CHENG Kwan Chak (CAI)
Miss LEE Kwun Yu (CAI)
Mr YUNG Tsz Hin (CAI)
Miss SEE Lok Man (SOONG)
Miss YAU Sin Yi  (SOONG)
Miss YU Ka Hei (SOONG)
Miss AU YEUNG Lok Sze  (YANG)
Miss HO Ka Man (YANG)
Miss WONG Hoi Wun (YANG)
Mr LAW Ping Kin (ZHOU)
Miss SHEK Hong Yi (ZHOU)
Mr TSE Cheuk Yin  (ZHOU)

Miss SHAM Wai Ming (CAI)
Miss LI Lai Kuen (CAI)
Mr YUEN Chi Hong (CAI)
Miss WONG Sze Hoi (SOONG)
Miss POON Hoi Ting (SOONG)
Miss SIU Ho Kwan (SOONG)
Mr MAK Yun Pan (YANG)
Miss WANG Yiran (YANG)
Mr FUNG Pak Lin (YANG)
Mr LAM Tik Sang (YANG)
Mr LAI Tik Sang (ZHOU)
Mr LO Yun Wo (ZHOU)
Mr YAU Hiu Yung (ZHOU)
Mr YEUNG Derek Jackson (ZHOU)

Miss CHAN Kwun Sing (CAI)
Miss CHEN Qilei (CAI)
Miss OR Hei Man (CAI)
Mr YIP Pak Sang (CAI)
Mr CHEUNG Shing Shing (SOONG)
Miss FUNG Wing Man (SOONG)
Miss LAM Wei Yan (SOONG)
Mr NG Wai Lok (SOONG)

Mr LAM Ling Hung (YANG)
Miss LEUNG Wai In (YANG)
Mr TUNG Ho Kwan (YANG)
Mr CHAN Kin Chung (ZHOU)
Miss CHANG Man Sheung (ZHOU)
Mr TSANG Hin Chun (ZHOU)
Mr YIP Man Wai  (ZHOU)