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You are welcome to send email to the student senator of your faculty/school/academy to voice out your concerns.

President of Students' Union  (ex-officio)
Mr. FONG Chung Yin Keith

President of Postgraduate Association  (ex-officio)

Faculty of Arts
Mr. CHENG Koon Chung

School of Business
Mr. LI Kwan Chiu

School of Chinese Medicine

School of Communication
Mr. CHAN Pak Yiu

School of Continuing Education
Mr. LEUNG Yat Yin

Faculty of Science
Mr. Kwok Ka Chun

Faculty of Social Sciences
Mr. YIP Tsz Yin

Academy of Visual Arts
Miss LEUNG Cheuk-ying Sofie

Taught Postgraduates
Mr. NG Jeremy Eton

Research Postgraduates
Mr. CHAN Chi On Vincent