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Our Hearts are in Hong Kong!

International Students Club

As there's a growth in numbers of international & local non-Chinese (ethnic minority) undergraduate students in Hong Kong Baptist University, and the community will be even bigger in the future, the International Students Club (ISC) was established.  ISC will serve as a platform to facilitate communication between international & local non-Chinese students, local students and the University. The Club also acts as a support group helping international & local non-Chinese students to assimilate into university life as well as establish networks with other student societies.

By default, all undergraduate full-time international students (non-local non-Mainland) and local non-Chinese (ethnic minorities) will be members, and the club also extends its reach to full-time postgraduate international and ethnic minority students.

The ultimate goal of ISC is to raise the awareness and sensitivity of the whole HKBU community towards the presence of the international & local non-Chinese students, and to increase the significance of international & local non-Chinese students' participations towards the whole HKBU community as a whole. Then, internationalized university will be possible to achieve. With the promotion of inclusiveness and internationalization of HKBU in mind, ISC established event organizing committees which is called Global Engagement Squad (GES), which organizes various activities welcoming everyone of HKBU community, including local, Mainland, international students and staff.

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We are also proud to present ISC Core Members 2019/2020 in a more structured way. These Core Members strive to serve all ISC members in promoting internationalization as well as improving and maintaining the welfare of all ISC members.



Fahad AWAL, Hong Kong


Vice President:
Joshua CORTES, Hong Kong


Jessa ALFAJARDO, Philippines


Communication Officer:
Cynthia CHANG, Taiwan



Event Organizing Officer:
Kyross PARAKH, Hong Kong


Public Relations Officer:
Khadisha AMIRKHANOVA,Kazakhstan


Media Officer:
Rian REYES, Hong Kong


Activity Coordinator:
Oshan SHAKYA, Nepal



Welfare Officer:
Anmol DHAWAN, India


Welfare Officer:
Sakar SHRESTHA, Nepal


Welfare Officer:
Aarusha BISTA, Nepal



For freshmen 2019/2020, we also provide New Student Orientation "HKBU Campus Hunt! & Introduction to Campus Life" prioritizing the international & ethnic minority students!

Click the poster below for more details!hkbu campus hunt 2019

HKBU Campus Hunt! and Neighborhood Tour 2018

About Global Engagement Squad