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Purpose: The purpose of this fund is to facilitate students’ contributions and growth towards and through services.
  1. Priorities of subsidies allocation are given to service-learning activities initiated and organized by student organizations.
  2. Applications MUST be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the programme. The outcome of application will be notified normally before the start of programme.
  3. All programmes MUST be recommended by the advisor from the respective student organization.
  4. No double subsidies will be granted within the Office of Student Affairs.
Application Procedure:
  1. All sections of the application form must be completed except otherwise stated.
  2. The application form with the programme proposal and financial budget must be submitted by online platform, email to or in person to the Office of Student Affairs.
  3. The recommendation form completed by the staff advisor can be forwarded directly to the Office of Student Affairs by email to or submitted in hard copy to the Office of Student Affairs.

Programme Leaders of ALL SUCCESSFUL applications MUST, within two months upon completion of the programme, or before 15 June of the respective university financial year (whichever earlier), submit the following documents to the Office of Student Affairs:

  1. A written descriptive and evaluative report (including the justifications on learning outcome(s) achieved from the perspective of the organizer) on each programme.
  2. Achievements/ learning outcomes attained via the respective programme, if any.
  3. A financial statement with original supporting receipts well stuck onto A4 paper, together with one copy of all publications of the programme including acknowledgment of support.
  4. At least six photos showing different elements of the activity (in soft copies).
  5. A completed list of participants including student number and full name in English.
  6. Participants are required to share their learning experience with the university community upon completion of the programme, in the form of an exhibition, a sharing session, or a written report with pictures (for overseas community services/ programmes ONLY).
  7. An actual itinerary and stubs of boarding passes and/or transportation tickets are needed for overseas community services/ programmes.
  8. The following acknowledgment (or the equivalent in Chinese) has to be included in all publicity materials: This activity is sponsored by Tsim Sha Tsui District Kai Fong Welfare Association Service-Learning Student Activities Fund (administered by Office of Student Affairs, HKBU).
Rules on Reimbursement of Subsidies
  1. Should any programme organizer fail to submit the required documents within two months or by the deadline after the completion of the programme, the subsidy will be forfeited.
  2. Any subsidy awarded towards a particular activity of a named programme can ONLY be applied towards that activity. The use of the approved subsidy for other activities or programmes is NOT allowed.
  3. The amount of approved subsidy is basically calculated according to the guidelines and formula applied to each type of programme and based on the expected expenditure.
  4. The Director of Student Affairs reserves the right to adjust the amount of subsidy according to the availability of funds.

Funding Guidelines

1          Local community services
1.1         Up to 100% of costs on the promotion and related expenditure or a maximum of $2,000 per application

2          Overseas community services
2.1         Up to 80% of costs on the inter-city transportation (or a maximum of $800 per head) and up to 80% of costs on the lodging (or a maximum of $40 per night per head), with a total maximum of $1,000 per head
2.2         Up to 100% of costs on the promotion and related expenditure or a maximum of $2,000 per application

3          Exhibitions and seminars with participants from the community
3.1         Up to 100% of costs on the promotion and related expenditure or a maximum of $5,000 per application

4          Trainings/workshops for the community
4.1         Up to 100% of costs on the promotion and related expenditure or a maximum of $5,000 per application
4.2         Up to 100% of costs on employing the trainers/professional to hold the trainings/workshops or a maximum of $1,500 per application

5          Any other meaningful activities by the discretion of the Director of Student Affairs

An additional 30% of subsidies OR a maximum of HK$1,500.00 per activity may be granted if such activity is organized by student organization(s) which have fulfilled the requirements of CODE Programme. Each eligible student organization could ONLY make one application.

Online Application

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Online Evaluative Report

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For any enquires, please contact the Office of Student Affairs:
Phone: 3411 5894
Address: Room 401, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus