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UGC Special Activity Grant for Student-Initiated Sports Events



The purpose of this activity grant is to support sports-related activities that promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyle of students which:

  • raise students’ awareness and participation in physical fitness and healthy lifestyles through extra-curricular activities; and/or
  • encourage students to develop a habit of regular exercises and help them cope with the stress and challenges they encounter in life; and/or
  • facilitate sportsmanship and provide mingling opportunities among local and non-local students, generating a positive social environment on campus.
  1. Only group events organized by student organisations are eligible.
  2. The activities should be:
    1. Category A:
      Training programmes for UGC students to be delivered/ facilitated by qualified coach(es) / trainer(s) / speaker(s); or
    2. Category B:
      Sports related large-scale events open to all UGC students;
  3. The programmes should be conducted in Hong Kong, either on-campus or off-campus.
  4. For the proposed initiatives, you may refer to the eligible sports listed under the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China ( 
Application Procedure:
  1. Online application(s) have to be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the programme.
  2. All sections of the application form must be completed except otherwise stated.
  3. The result of application will be notified normally within two weeks upon receipt of the completed application.
  4. Before submitting your application, please ensure the following documents are ready:

    1. Activity Proposal,

    2. Financial Budget (Template),

    3. Coach/ trainer/ speaker qualitification proof (if applicable),

    4. Quotations (if applicable)


Organisers of ALL SUCCESSFUL applications MUST, within one month upon completion of the programme, submit the following documents to SA:

  1. Online evaluation report.
  2. Financial Statement listing all income and expenditures clearly (Template).

  3. Attendance List of participants with Student ID and full names (Template)

  4. Participant Survey (integrated into one statistic report only after collecting all survey results from at least 70% of all participants) (Template).

  5. At least 6 photos showing different elements of the programme.

  6. Achievements attained (e.g. awards, prizes) in your programme. (if any)

  7. Relevant acknowledgement stated in the publicity materials (e.g. leaflets, posters) : 
    “This activity is sponsored by UGC Special Activity Grant for Student-Initiated Sports Events."

  8. Submit original receipts which support the expenditure stated in the Financial Statement (well stuck on A4 paper with photocopies) in HARD COPIES to Office of Student Affairs at WLB401B, Shaw Campus during office hours.

Rules on Reimbursement of Subsidies
  1. Should any programme organiser fails to submit the required documents within ONE month after the completion of the programme, the grants will be FORFEITED.
  2. Any grant approved towards a particular event can ONLY be used in accordance with the approved proposal. 
  3. The final subsidised amount is subject to the actual receipts to be received and the reassessment made by the office.
  4. The Director of Student Affairs reserves the right to adjust the amount of grant according to the nature and beneficiary of the event and the availability of funds.

Funding Guidelines

  1. Up to 80% of the total activity cost OR a maximum of HK$10,000.00 per activity would be granted.

  2. No double subsidies will be granted within the Office of Student Affairs.
  3. Grants to events of Category A would cover: venue rental, equipment rental, trainer/coach/speaker fee, etc.

  4. Grants to events of Category B would cover: venue rental, equipment rental, promotion and production costs, event registration fees. If the event is jointly organized by HKBU and other Universities, the event would only be subsidized on a pro-rata basis.

  5. Priorities would be given to activities which are jointly organized by different student organizations within HKBU. 
  6. By applying for the grant, consent of the use of photos, which are provided by the student organisation, would be given to the Office of Student Affairs for promotional purposes. 
  7. The group personal accident insurance only provides a general coverage for activity organized by HKBU recognised student associations. Details as here: HKBU Students   Incoming Exchange Students
    Participants are strongly advised to measure the risk of the events and purchase additional insurance on their own for high risk sports. High risk sports could only be conducted by professional bodies. The organizer should as far as possible ensure safety of the participants.

Covid-19 precautionary measures

To ensure the safety of all participants, both organizers and partipants must strictly observe all anti-pandemic measures including health declaration, temperature checking, social distancing,  mask wearing arrangements and “LeaveHomeSafe” Registration (if applicable), etc. You should as far as possible prevent eating, drinking and physical touch among participants. 


Online Application

Please click here to complete and submit online application

Online Evaluation Report

Please click here to submit the evaluation report

List of Qualified HKBU Trainers/Coaches

Tung Yee Yin

  1. 香港空手道總會二級教練

Chan Tsz Wing Odin

  1. 中國香港游泳總會游泳教師證書 (Level 1)

Chan Yin Lok

  1. 中國香港跳繩總會初級跳繩教練

Lin Qianian

  1. St.John 急救證書
  2. 美國一級田徑教練
  3.  躲避盤指導員
  4. 體適能基礎證書
  5. 初級跳繩教練
  6. U8欖球教練
  7. CPR&AED 證書
  8. 閃避球 1 級教練
  9. 棍網球指導員
  10. 獨木舟1,2星
  11. 游泳裁判 (Processing)
  12.  一級運動攀登證書 (Processing)
  13. 直立板初級證書 (Processing)
  14. 國際非撞式欖球聯盟初級教練 (Processing)
  15. Introductory Level Touch Rugby Referee Course (Processing)

Wai Chung Him

  1. 中國香港跳繩體育聯會初級花式跳繩教練牌

Chow Kam Yee

  1. 香港足球總會d級教練

Ng Sze Yin

  1. 亞洲運動及體適能專業學院 兒童及青少年體適能教練
  2. 香港閃避球總會 第一級教練
  3. 中國香港跳繩體育聯會 初級跳繩教練
  4. 香港旋風球總會 旋風球運動導師

Yeung Hoi Ching

  1. 中國香港跳繩總會初級跳繩教練

Yiu Ming Kam

  1. 香港排球總會本地一級排球教練、本地一級沙灘排球教練

Students who would like to approach respective trainers/coaches for sports training, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.


For any enquires, please contact the Office of Student Affairs:
Phone: 3411 2567
Address: Room 401, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus