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BUhub is an interactive online platform for HKBU students, staff, alumni and other stakeholders. As a student organization, you can easily share news and announcements, promote upcoming events, collect feedback from members and arrange polling on your own page via BUhub. Most importantly, your members can respond to your posts on the same platform.

BUhub page

Simple steps to start a community:

  1. Identify exco member(s) to manage the community page.
  2. Log-in BUhub with your student SSOid. You will be requested to go through the registration process if you log-in for the first time.
  3. Create a community under the category of “U-life” (recommended). The name of community can be the same as your organization’s name. You can also be creative to decide a new name which can represent your group!
  4. Encourage members to register BUhub and join your community. (How to join a community?)  

After successful creation of your community, please send the following information to for approval:

  • Name of your student organization
  • Name of your community

Note: The community page can be passed to your succeeding committee after your current terms of office.


To acknowledge your support to the University’s online platform, the following one-off reward will be given to each student organization:

If a Society/Club has invited 20 members or above to join its community and has shared at least 1 post per week for 4 consecutive weeks, a special funding of HK$1,000 will be granted to the student organization to support its activities and operation. The posts should contain any one of the following elements:

  • Upcoming events of the Society/Club
  • Members' welfare
  • Development of the Society/Club
  • News and information related to the nature of the Society/Club
  • Message engaging online interactions with members on the community page

Please submit the completed registration form to to claim the reward. Each Soceity/Club can only receive the funding ONCE

The reward scheme will end on 26 May 2023. For improvement and future development of the online platform, student organizations will be invited to complete a quick evaluation after using the system.

For more information about BUhub, please refer to the user guide. Feel free to contact Ms. Ivy Chung ( if you have any enquiries.