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Eligibility: All HKBU student organizations.
Recommended Activity: Concerts, variety shows, competitions, film shows, performances or any other activities for the purpose of strengthening the sense of belonging to the University.
Priority: Approval would be given to those activities which are more definite, involve more student organizations, and / or would involve a relatively larger crowd of the student population.
Amount of Subsidy: Successful applicants will receive up to 100% waiver of the rental charges;  costs in lighting, sound and special set up will also be considered.
Application Procedures:

Verbally reserve venue at AC Hall, and obtain the Booking Application Form from the AC Hall Office.

Contact Information of AC Hall Office:
Phone: 3411 5182 / 3411 5183
Address: OEM601, Oen Hall (Main Building), Ho Sin Hang Campus

2. Submit the following to the Office of Student Affairs:
  a) the duly completed Booking Application Form
b) A proposal including: promotion plan, program rundown, organizations involved, expected number of audience, etc,
c) A financial Budget including: ticket price, sponsorship from the third-party (if any),etc.
1. All publicity materials including tickets, programmes, banners, posters, handbills and website must bear the words “Sponsored by Hong Kong Baptist University”, and where appropriate, other donors named by Hong Kong Baptist University.
2. Any organization which fails to comply with the above requirements or rules as stipulated by the AC Hall will have to pay the relevant charges themselves. Future applications from the same organization may not be accepted.
Deadline: A completed application must be received by the Office of Student Affairs at least ONE MONTH prior to the event.


For any enquires, please contact the Office of Student Affairs:
Phone: 3411 5894
Address: Room 401, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus