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Sales Activities

General Rules on Sales Activities

  1. “Sales activities” refers to all such activities whereby money or money’s worth is received or receivable in consideration of goods or services provided. Book exhibition with sales would not be considered as a sales activity provided that

    i. There is no fund raising purpose for student organisations.
    ii. Books displayed or sold are related to studies and learning interests of the student organisation(s) holding the exhibition and/or related to the theme of the academic/activity week.
    iii. No stationery or gift items other than society paper, if any, are displayed and sold.

    All sales activities held by student organisations should obtain approval from the Office of Student Affairs (SA). No agreements, whether formal or informal, could be made with the outside companies without such approval.
  2. The sales items should be related to academic and campus life. They should be clearly indicated in / attached to the application form. Due to hygiene concern, only well-packed food is allowed. Pharmaceutical products (Chinese version), computers and credit card promotions are prohibited.
  3. Any items not listed on the approved application form will not be allowed to be sold during sales activities.
  4. Student organisations applying for holding sales activities on campus must submit the application form and proposal stating the following information in details 1 month before the activity or earlier:

    i. whether they want to participate in the large-scale sales activity or hold a small-scale sales activity during their Academic Week;
    ii. the date and venue of the activity;
  5. The following details must be submitted 14 days before the activity or earlier, in case of failing to be submitted together with the above information:

    i. a complete list of the description of all sales items;
    ii. any terms with any outside commercial companies including:(1) the names of the companies;(2) the benefit offered to the student organisation(s) concerned;(3) the benefit/discount rate offered to students as a whole.
  6. The purpose of the sales activities can either be fund-raising, welfare for fellow students or for charity. However, no matter which purpose the student organisation aim at, only one sales activity, whether large-scale or small-scale, can be conducted by the same organisation in one financial year (from July to June).
  7. The companies involved should offer a reasonable sponsorship to student organisation(s) as well as a satisfactory discount rate to the students as a whole. Student organisation(s) can apply for fee exemption from Finance Office through SA.
  8. Any unauthorized sales or promotional activities on campus are strictly prohibited and will be stopped by the SA staff or Security at any time; the University will in no case be responsible for any loss of the organisation or company thus caused, and the student organisation(s) concerned will be penalized.
  9. It should be noted that the sound level of the audio-visual equipment employed at the sales counter should be kept at the minimal level, and must in no case cause any nuisance to others. Also, the responsible student organisation(s) should comply with the law relating to copyright where applicable.
  10. A detailed financial statement and a brief evaluation report on the activity, being confirmed by either the General Meeting or the Executive Meeting of the organisation concerned should be submitted to SA within 1 month after the event.
  11. All promotions on campus should be conducted by student organisations only.