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Large Seminar Rooms

Large seminar roomsLarge seminar rooms

Large Seminar Rooms
(My Zone: AAB-402K; AAB-402L; AAB-402M)

General Rules for Large Seminar Rooms

  • Users must comply with all rules and regulations of the Learning Commons.
  • Student organisations should comply with the guidelines stipulated in the Manual for Student Activities as appropriate.
  • Rooms are open for bookings by department or registered student organisations for holding meetings, workshops and large-scale seminars. Applicants should follow the maximum seating capacity for each room.
  • Transfer of bookings is not allowed.
  • All rooms must be vacated before the closing of the premises.
  • Users are responsible for keeping the rooms clean and in order.
  • Only non-alcoholic drinks are allowed in the Learning Commons. Food is not allowed.
  • Please turn off the lights and any other equipment after use.
  • In general, the rooms are available for booking from 9 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. during weekdays when there is regular teaching in the first and second semesters (except public holidays); 
  • Bookings will be automatically cancelled when Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted or Black Rainstorm Signal is in force.
  • Users will be held responsible for any damages or losses including fixtures and furniture during the period in use.


  • Participants of activities must be eligible users of Learning Commons who use HKBU cards for access.
  • The name list of external guest speakers, if applicable, should be submitted to 3 working days in advance. For safety, guests should be accompanied by the staff or student in-charge and use the gate which is operated by the reception counter in Our Zone. Staff or student in-charge should not use individual’s HKBU card for guests’ entry and exit.
  • Guest speaker(s), if applicable, must be accompanied by the staff or student in-charge.


  • Applications must be made via the Venues and Facilities Booking System (VFBS) at least 7 days, but not more than 45 days, in advance. 
  • Student organizations should comply with the guidelines stipulated in the Venue Reservation Proposal Form as appropriate. 
  • Users may use the function of “Make Booking Request” to make a booking direct or the function of “Search Venues/Facilities Available for Booking” to locate the available venue(s)/facilities. More information of each room can be viewed by clicking the “i” icon in the details.
  • To check the status of, modify submitted bookings, retrieve submitted bookings for making new booking requests or cancel submitted/approved bookings, users need to use the function of “Enquire Status of/Modify/Cancel Booking Request”.
  • Up-to-date user particulars, contact person particulars (if different from user particulars) and booking details must clearly be stated in the booking submission.
  • Users are reminded to avoid over-booking and release the reserved venues/facilities for other parties in case of cancellation of the event.
  • Reservations from offices/departments shall be endorsed by Estates Office (EO) prior to the approval of SA.
  • Sufficient booking time should be included in the booking session before and after the event for setting up and instantly returning the venue to its original setting.
  • The audio-visual equipment installed in the large seminar rooms could only be operated by designated staff of Office of Information Technology (ITO). Please reserve the service in the booking.

Venue set-up

Furniture and equipment must not be removed or relocated from the venue(s) without the prior consent of the Learning Commons. Any items moved must be restated to their original positions after use.

Users could request for other services from other supporting departments. Request forms could be achieved under “Request for Other Services”.

  • Opening partition service and audiovisual service are available for requested in the online booking. Users should not move or operate the partition separating 402K & L and the audio-visual equipment in the racks.
  • Offices/departments could reserve the moving service with the Estates Office (EO) to set up and return the venue to its original position within the booking time.
  • Student organizations should return the venue to its original condition within the booking time.

Room check-in and check-out

  • Users should arrive the reception counter in Our Zone to get the room key for access and return the key immediately.
  • Users should inform the reception counter when they leave the room after use.

*Please note that a closed circuit television system is installed in the large seminar rooms.

For enquiries, please contact 3411-6480 or email to

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 Floor plansLarge seminar rooms floor plan
402KFloor Plan 402K

402LFloor Plan 402L

402MFloor Plan 402M