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Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms

- Our Zone: 401A, 401B, 401C, 401D, 401E, 401G, 401H, 401J
- My Zone: 402B, 402C, 402D, 402E, 402F, 402G, 402H, 402J
- FSC: 601A, 601B

  • Group Study Rooms are open for bookings by students for academic purposes, such as group discussion of projects and assignments or by staff to facilitate student learning. Regular teaching and tutorial sessions should be conducted in classrooms.
  • Eligible users may book the Group Study Rooms for the next three working days. All bookings should be made online via the Venues and Facilities Booking System (VFBS) in advance.
  • Each user can book up to 4 sessions per day. Each session lasts for 30 minutes, and can be renewed via the online system for another session, subject to the availability.
  • Walk-in user groups may book a group study room under the condition that the room is available. Walk-in booking will not be counted towards the reservation quota of each user.
  • Applicants must show up during the booking period.
  • All users must leave the room after the reservation period expires.
  • Staff of the Learning Commons or campus security reserves the right to inspect the rooms even if they are in use.

General Rules for Group Study Rooms

  • Users must comply with all rules and regulations of the Learning Commons.
  • Transfer of bookings is not allowed.
  • All rooms must be vacated before the closing of the premises.
  • Users are responsible for keeping the rooms clean and in order.
  • Please turn off the lights and any other equipment after use.
  • Bookings will be automatically cancelled when Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted or Black Rainstorm Signal is in force.

group study room floor plan


FSC group study room