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Peer Assistant Internship Programme



Learning Commons (AAB) is one of the significant student amenities on campus to provide a conducive learning environment for facilitating students’ individual and collaborative learning. We provide comprehensive services and facilities to a wide-range of staff and students, such as group study rooms, large seminar rooms, IT service helpdesk, computers and printing service.

Learning Commons - Peer Assistant Internship Programme

Peer Assistant group photo

Office of Student Affairs (SA) strives in accordance with University’s mission to develop students as a whole person and to nourish their Graduate Attributes. Adopting the experiential learning model, “Learning Commons (AAB) – Peer Assistant Internship Programme” provides students with a wide range of service opportunities to develop themselves while receiving trainings and coaching. In this internship programme, students will equip with positive working attitude, develop various soft skills and gain a competitive edge by enriching their work experience.

Involving in Learning Commons’s daily work and projects under the coaching of staff members, Peer Assistants will gain practical work experience. We will provide feedback on Peer Assistants’ performance to help them identify their strengths and potential for embarking on a bright career in the future.

Target Participants

  • HKBU Students (preferably Year 1 or 2 students)
  • Willing to learn and with a strong sense of responsibility


Requirements for Internship Programme

Job Specifications

peer assistants training activity

Learning Commons (AAB) appoints Peer Assistants for assisting its operation and serving the University community. Peer Assistants are engaged to assist in the front-line services, such as providing the room booking service, handling users’ enquiries, solving printing problems, executing rules and regulations, leading guided tours and carrying out promotional events. 

Participants of “Learning Commons (AAB) – Peer Assistant Internship Programme” are required to undertake more than 100 working hours in two semesters (at least 50 hours in each semester) according to SA’s hourly pay rate of $50/hour. An evaluation for individuals will be conducted at the end of each semester. Participants should achieve a passing rate on overall performance in order to obtain the certificate of the internship programme.

Training Contents

  • Two briefing and training activities
  • One elective work-related training activity*
  • Online materials and quizzes on basic knowledge related to work, including protection of personal data and privacy, prevention of corruption and bribery, upholding the principle of equal opportunities

* The maximum subsidy for each work-related training activity is HK$500.