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The Learning Commons Management Committee

Terms of Reference and Membership Composition

Terms of Reference:

  1. To formulate general policies relating to utilization and management of the Learning Commons;
  2. To advise on matters relating to planning and development of the Learning Commons;
  3. To advise on the provision of support services and resources in the Learning Commons;
  4. To review and monitor the operation of the Learning Commons.

Membership Composition:

Vice-President (Research and Development) Prof. Rick Wong
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
(Administration/Campus Life & Support)
Dr. Stephen Mann
Director of Student Affairs Prof. Gordon Tang
Director of CHTL Dr. Eva Wong
Director of Estates Office Mr. LC Lam
Director of International Office Mr. Peter Li
Director of ITO Ms. Jennifer Lau
Librarian Mr. Kendall Crilly
Senior Lecturer of Language Centre Ms. Rita Singh
Student Representatives from Student Union (2) Mr. Lui Lok Hei
Ms. Lam Wai Man
Student Representatives from Learning Commons Student Focus Group (up to 3)