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Get Connected with Student Organizations

Campus Life
01 - 30 SEP 2020

While the University has suspended face-to-face classes until further notice, teaching are delivered online, so as other orientation programmes and workshops. Our student organizations are therefore proactively conducting online orientation activities for new students in this summer!  

Joining a student society or club, which is independently operated by student officers, is one of the great opportunities to enrich your campus experience and expand your network beyond classrooms. We are pleased to introduce to you a newly launched Virtual Societies and Clubs Orientation Platform (

Through the Platform, not only can you have a more in-depth understanding of our student associations and experience how energetic and brilliant they are, but you also can connect with their student officers to see what is on offer to become their member:

  • Students’ Union – It represents the interests of full-time undergraduate students, promotes social awareness and plays a part to enhance the communication between students and the University management.
  • Academic Societies – They are composed of students studying the same course/ major. They seek to cultivate a professional attitude amongst members through co-curricular and extra-curricular studies and projects. By joining them, you will make connections to and obtain peer support from students of your same professional field.
  • Interest Clubs – They are formed by students who are passionate in specific areas range from art & culture, sports, social affairs, religious, and special interests. These clubs offer you a place to develop your talents and bring students together where they can enjoy similar interests and find their niche on campus. 
  • Hall Councils – There are four Hall Councils formed by students, each with a unique hall motto. The Hall Councils are the representative bodies to reflect residents’ view and look after their welfare. Through the organisation of a wide range of activities, the Hall Councils promote and facilitate residents to be actively involved in the Halls.

If you wish to join any of the student organizations after browsing our platform, please be reminded to indicate your interests on our Qualtric form (or click “Join a Club Now!” on the right hand corner). Your contact information would be instantly shared to your selected societies and clubs, and their respective officers will contact you soon. Make sure your SSOid account has been activated when you login to the form (please visit for details).

Do not miss the chance to get in touch with your interested student societies and clubs. May you make the most of your campus life experience at HKBU!