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Psychological Competence Association


Psychological Competence Association (PCA), established in July 2009, is a student association under the Counselling and Development Center of Hong Kong Baptist University. The society aimed to promote the spirit of caring to fellow schoolmates and community through various types of psychological trainings. PCA believed that possessing a healthy mind is essential for personal growth, and furthermore, important for positive influence to others.

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PCA’s services aimed at enhancing the mental quality of participants. It is not limited to single-on service, but also promoting the concept of “give and take”, so that participants can gain more insights through the thought-provoking activities, and most importantly, achieve the ultimate purpose of experiencing character change. Therefore, the society actively provide professional trainings to their members in order for them to learn and grow.

Major Activities

September, 2017 Orientation Day
November, 2017 Local Community Service
November, 2017 Life Journey Workshop
December, 2017 - January, 2018 Service Trips* to Mainland China and Overseas
January, 2018 Human Library
All year "Open Your Heart” Mail Box

* Trainings are provided by the counsellors of Counselling & Development Centre.


All full-time HKBU students

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