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Hong Kong Baptist University is located across three major campus sites in Kowloon Tong, namely Ho Sin Hang Campus at Waterloo Road, Shaw Campus at Renfrew Road and Hong Kong Baptist University Road Campus. The campus sites provide students with a relaxing and cozy learning environment in the busy city and facilitate students’ holistic development.

There are two satellite campus sites in addition to the three major campus sites,. Kai Tak Campus in Kai Tak houses the Academy of Visual Arts and Shek Mun Campus in Shek Mun, Shatin mainly provides space for Associate Degree programmes, Associate Degree Foundation programmes and Top-up Degree programmes.

Other information on campus facilities like cultural facilities, library, student accommodation and sport facilities are available at HKBU homepage.

HKBU homepage:

Introduction of HKBU campus:

Au Shue Hung Memorial Library, which is located at the Shaw Tower of Shaw Campus, covered a total area of 7,949 square meters.  It has a total stock of more than 1.2 million printed volumes, over 1.3 million e-book titles, more than 147,500 multimedia items and offers 1,150 study places for students.

The Library provides a wide range of services including printing, photocopying and scanning.  Group study rooms and multimedia stations are also available.  Levels 2 and 3 of the Main Library (the Academic Commons) open 24 hours a day during the semesters.


Au Shue Hung Memorial Library

Au Shue Hung Memorial Library

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 8:30am - 11:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm - 7:00pm
Public holiday Closed

There will be adjustment of opening hours during examination period and summer holiday.  Please refer to the library notices for special opening hours.

3.2.1 Hong Kong Academic Library Link (HKALL)​
Hong Kong Academic Library Link (HKALL) is a project of resource sharing jointly undertaken by the academic libraries of eight local universities.  Students can search for, reserve and borrow books and academic materials from other universities through HKALL in the HKBU library system.  The requested materials will be transferred to HKBU library within a few days.   Students will receive a pick-up notification by email.  The materials can be returned to HKBU library.

3.3.1 Learning Commons
There are two Learning Commons on campus which strives to facilitate students’ individual, collaborative and interactive learning through the provision of a conducive and user-friendly environment.

1. AAB Learning Commons


AAB Learning Commons is separated into two zones. “My Zone” offers a quiet and comfortable study atmosphere for individual learning and “Our Zone” offers a relaxing and cozy environment for collaboration and interactive learning. There are 17 group study rooms in the Learning Commons. Students can make online reservation for group discussion rooms.  In addition, there are 4 seminar rooms for university departments and student organisations to organise seminars or other events.

Equipment like desktop computers for online researching and a printing room for printing and copying for provided in the Learning Commons.

For more information about regulations and group discussion room reservation, please refer to the website:

AAB Learning Commons
Location: 4/F, Academic and Administration Building, Hong Kong Baptist University Road Campus
Opening Hours: My Zone Monday to Friday
Saturday, Sunday and public holiday
9:00am – 11:00pm
Our Zone Monday to Friday
Sunday and public holiday
9:00am – 11:00pm
11:00am – 11:00pm
There may be adjustment of open hours during summer and other holidays. Please refer to university notices for special opening hours.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Siu Lun Learning Commons


Mr. and Mrs. Lee Siu Lun Learning Commons is a study area which opens for 24 hours. It also offers desktop computers for online researching and a printing room printing and copying.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Siu Lun Learning Commons
Location:​ 6/F, Fong Shu Chuen Library, Ho Sin Hang Campus
Opening Hours: 24 hours

3.3.2 Activity Room
There are many activity rooms on campus open for university departments and students associations to organize their events. When there is no booking, all students are free to use these rooms.  Most of these rooms are reserved as study room for students to study during the examination period.

Campus Location
Ho Sin Hang Campus OEE601-603
Hong Kong Baptist University Road Campus  AAB301-307
Campus Name of Restaurant Location
Ho Sin Hang Campus

Harmony Staff Dining Room

Harmony Student Cafeteria
Level 4, Sir Run Run Shaw Building
Shaw Campus Pacific Coffee Level 3, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies

Renfrew Cafeteria

Renfrew Restaurant

Level 2, David C Lam Building

Hong Kong Baptist University Road Campus

Main Canteen

Level 5, Academic and Administration Building
Starbucks Level 1, Jockey Club Academic Community Centre
BU Fiesta Ground Floor, Student Residence Hall 
Bistro Bon

Ground Floor, Dr. Ng Tor Tai  International House


I am very hungry! ! ! Any recommended restaurants?

  1. On-campus restaurants
  2. Restaurants located near the campus
    a. At Franki Centre and Lok Fu
    b. At Kowloon City

(Chinese Version Only)

Welfare Cooperation Shops are run by the Students’ Union.  Student members of the Students’ Union can enjoy a discount for buying stationery, snacks, drinks, newspaper, magazines and so on. The stores also provide printing and copying service.

Level 5, Yeung Shui Sang Building, Ho Sin Hang Campus
Level 3, Academic and Administration Building, Baptist University Road Campus

Hong Kong Baptist University provides sports facilities for our students to participate in recreational activities with fellow students.

Campus Sport Centre
Ho Sin Hang Campus Wai Hang Sports Centre
Shaw Campus Dr Stephen Hui Sports Hall
Madam Kwok Chung Bo Fun Sports and Cultural Centre

Joint Sports Centre

(For HKBU and two other local universities)

Each sports centre offers students venues for playing basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, tennis and running tracks. There are also gymnastic rooms, squash courts and an outdoor swimming pool. Students can make a reservation online and enjoy special offers.

  Office Telephone Number: 3411 7001, 3411 7035
  Information desk (booking)Telephone Number: 3411 7010
  Swimming Pool Office Telephone Number: 3411 7008


How to make a booking?

  1. 運動健康堂上線啦~

(Chinese Version Only)

3.7.1 Print quota
The University offers students print quota every year to print lecture notes, assignments, reports and so on.

Study Year Print quota
1 $120 (~400 pages)
2 $150 (~500 pages)
3, 4 and postgraduates $180 (~600 pages)

Print quota amount online checking website:

Students can purchase additional print quota at HK$30/100 pages from IT Service Centre at RRS-303 of Sir Run Run Shaw Building in Ho Sin Hang Campus (under Hang Seng Bank).  Prices for copying is HK$0.3 per page and scanning is free of charge.

3.7.2 Location of printing and photo-copying facilities​

  1. Library
    Computers, printers and photo-copying machines are available
  2. Welfare Cooperation Shops
    photo-copying machines are available
  3. Learning Commons
    Computers, printers and photo-copying machines are available
  4. Computer Laboratory (RRS 302 and OEE 702, Ho Sin Hang Campus)
    Computers and printers are available
  5. Self-Service Printing Room (WLB 303, Shaw Campus)
    Printers are available
  6. Computer Rooms of Faculties:​
    Computers, printers and scanners are available
  7. Students Union Office (YYS 501, Ho Sin Hang Campus and AAB 615, Hong Kong Baptist University Road Campus)
    Color-printing and notes binding machines are available

3.7.3 Follow-U-Print Services
Students can use the “Follow-U-Print Services” at any places on campus. Connecting to HKBU Wifi and uploading your documents to the printers through personal computers, smartphones or laptops, you can print your documents by using any “Follow-U-Print” printer in the computer laboratory or Learning Commons.  To preset your computers, smartphones or laptops, please refer to the following website:

Campus network is essential for individual study and online research. To facilitate fast and easy resources sharing, HKBU Library and computer rooms of faculties provide desktop computers for students. Wi-Fi (BU Standard or BU-Advanced) are available for students on all campus sites.  Students only need to do some simple settings in their personal computers or smartphones to access to the free Wi-Fi.  For network access procedure, please refer to the following website:

There is a Security Control Room at the Li Promenade on Shaw Campus. If students encounter any emergency, please report to the Security Control Room or seek help from any security guards on campus.

The Security Control Room is also in charge of lost and found.  All properties left behind by staff, students or visitors on campus should be brought to the Security Control Room. They will record the relevant information and find the owners to collect the lost properties.  Students who have lost any items can also report to the Security Control Room and check whether the items have been handed over to the Security Control Room.

On-Campus Emergency Contact (24 hours)
All campuses 3411 7777
Undergraduate halls 3411 2665



Ho Sin Hang Campus


大學會堂 Academic Community Hall ACH
區樹洪樓 Au Shue Hung Building ASH
查濟民科學大樓 Cha Chi-ming Science Tower SCT
基督教教育中心 Christian Education Centre CEC
方樹泉圖書館 Fong Shu Chuen Library FSC
呂明才中心 Lui Ming Choi Centre LMC
溫仁才大樓 Oen Hall Building  
  溫仁才大樓東翼   East Wing OEE
  溫仁才大樓主樓   Main Building OEM
  溫仁才大樓西翼   West Wing OEW
星島樓 Sing Tao Building STB
邵逸夫大樓 Sir Run Run Shaw Building RRS
紹邦樓 Shiu Pong Hall SPH
偉衡體育中心 Wai Hang Sports Centre WHS
楊瑞生紀念館 Yeung Shui Sang Building YSS

Shaw Campus


區樹洪紀念圖書館 Au Shue Hung Memorial Library AML
思齊樓 David C Lam Building DLB
許士芬博士體育館 Dr Stephen Hui Sports Hall SHALL
聯校運動中心 Joint Sports Centre JSC
郭鍾寶芬女士康體文娛中心 Madam Kwok Chung Bo Fun Sports and Cultural Centre SCC
新學術大樓 New Academic Building NAB
逸夫行政樓 Shaw Tower SWT
永隆銀行商學大樓 The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies WLB

Baptist University Road Campus


教學及行政大樓 Academic and Administration Building AAB
吳多泰博士國際中心 Dr Ng Tor Tai International House NTT
賽馬會師生活動中心 Jockey Club Academic Community Centre ACC
賽馬會中醫藥學院大樓 Jockey Club School of Chinese Medicine Building SCM
陳瑞槐夫人/胡尹桂女士持續教育大樓 Madam Chan Wu Wan Kwai SCE Tower SCE
學生宿舍 Student Residence Halls SRH
傳理視藝大樓 Communication and Visual Arts Building CVA
啟德校園 Kai Tak Campus KTC
香港浸會大學視覺藝術院 Academy of Visual Arts AVA
石門校園 Shek Mun Campus SMC
Headquarters of School of Continuing Education HSCE
建新中心 Franki Centre FC

3.11.1 General contacts & websites

General 3411 7400  
Campus life and Support Section 3411 5070
Career Centre 3411 7440
Counselling and Development Centre 3411 7435
Leadership and Qualities Centre 3411 7436
Student Accommodation Section 3411 2602
Academic Community Hall 3411 5183
Joint Sports Centre 2794 1168
Wai Hang Sports Centre, Dr. Stephen Hui Sports Hall & Madam Kwok Chung Bo Fun Sports and Cultural Centre 3411 7010
Medical Clinic 3411 7447  
Dental Services 3411 2312  
Chinese Medicine Clinic 3411 2988  
Bookshop 3411 7457
Hang Seng Bank (BU branch) 2198 7227  
Bank of East Asia (BU branch) 3609 2252  
Security Section (Lost & Found)    
       Ho Sin Hang Campus 3411 5555  
       Shaw Campus 3411 7777  
       Baptist University Road Campus 3411 5620  
Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House 2301 2301
衡軒餐廳 2338 9588  
衡軒職員餐廳 2338 5170  
Students' Union 3411 7454
Postgraduate Association 3411 2324
Welfare Cooperation Shops    
  Ho Sin Hang Campus 3411 5154  
  Baptist University Road Campus 3411 2098  

3.11.2 Administrative offices

General Administration Office 3411 7950
Personnel Office 3411 7979
Academic Registry 3411 7847
Chapel Office 3411 7312
Office of Information Technology 3411 7456
Estate Office 3411 5660
Finance Office 3411 5123
International Office 3411 2188
Library 3411 7363
Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning 3411 7456
Alumni Affairs Office 3411 7877
Communication and Public Relations Office 3411 7960
University Advancement Office 3411 7788

3.11.3 Faculties, schools & academic departments

Faculty of Arts 3411 7197
Department of Chinese Language and Literature 3411 7155
Department of English Language and Literature 3411 7171
Language Centre 3411 7589
Department of Music 3411 5153
Department of Religion and Philosophy 3411 7280
Department of Humanities and Creative Writing 3411 7192
Centre for Translation 3411 7205
School of Business 3411 5223
Department of Accountancy and Law 3411 7535
Department of Economics 3411 7544
Department of Finance and Decision Sciences 3411 7556
Department of Management 3411 7577
Department of Marketing 3411 7526
School of Chinese Medicine 3411 5387
School of Communication 3411 8154
Academy of Film 3411 7479
Department of Communication Studies 3411 7224
Department of Journalism 3411 7490
School of Continuing Education 3411 1919
Faculty of Science 3411 7011
Department of Biology 3411 7050
Department of Chemistry 3411 7063
Department of Computer Science 3411 7079
Department of Mathematics 3411 2347
Department of Physics 3411 5145
Faculty of Social Sciences 3411 7127
Department of Education Studies 3411 7210
Department of Geography 3411 7129
Department of Government & International Studies 3411 5669
Department of History 3411 7107
Department of Physical Education 3411 7769
Department of Social Work 3411 7105
Department of Sociology 3411 7131
China Studies 3411 5568
Academy of Visual Arts 2353 5170
College of International Education 3411 3266
Graduate School 3411 5127
The Jockey Club Centre of the Advancement of English of Professionals 3411 1998
United International College 3411 2863


The bus / minibus routes which pass through Kowloon Tong are as follows: 

Bus routes:

3C Tsz Wan Shan (North)-Wong Tai Sin-HKBU-Junction Road Kowloon Tong-Mong Kok-Jordan-China Ferry Terminal
7 Lok Fu-HKBU-Junction Road Kowloon Tong-Yau Ma Tei-Jordan-Star Ferry
72X Tai Po Center-Junction Road Kowloon Tong-Mong Kok-Olympic Railway Station-Park Avenue
80M Sui Wo Court-Sha Tin Town Hall-Hong Kong Heritage Museum-Kowloon Tong Railway Station
81C Yiu On-City One Shatin-Junction Road Kowloon Tong-yau Ma Tei-Jordan-Tsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
87D Kam Ying Court-ma On Shan-City One Shatin-Junction Road Kowloon Tong-Tsim Sha Tsui-PolyU-Hung Hom
170 Wah Fu-Wan Chai-Victoria Park-Kowloon Tong-Tai Wai-Sha Tin Railway Station 
N170 Wah Fu-Wan Chai-Victoria Park-Kowloon Tong-Tai Wai-Shatin Central 
182 Central (Macau Ferry)-Admiralty Railway Station-Kowloon Tong-Tai Wai-City One Shatin-Yu Chui Court
N182 Central (Macau Ferry)-Admiralty Railway Station-Kowloon Tong-Tai Wai-City One Shatin-Kwong Yuen
N281 Hung Hom-Tsim Sha Tsui (Mody Road)-Mong Kok-Kowloon Tong-Tai Wai-City One Shatin-Kam Ying Court 
270A Sheung Shui-Fanling-Junction Road Kowloon Tong-Yau Ma Tei-Jordan-Tsim Sha Tsui (Mody Road)
271 Fu Heng-Kwong Fuk-Junction Road Kowloon Tong-Jordan-Tsim Sha Tsui (Canton Road)
N271 Hung Hom-Tsim Sha Tsui (Mody Road)-Jordan-Yau Ma Tei-Kowloon Tong-Shatin Central-Fu Heng
281A Kwong Yuen-City One Shatin-Junction Road Kowloon Tong-Mong Kok-China Ferry-Kowloon Tong Railway Station 
887 Shatin Race Course-Junction Road Kowloon Tong-Mong  Kok-Olympic Railway Station-Park Avenue

Minibus routes:

25M Kowloon Tong Railway Station-Renfrew Road-BU Student Hall-Kowloon City
25M(S) Kowloon Tong Railway Station-Renfrew Road-BU Student Hall-Kowloon Tong Railway Station
29A Kowloon Tong Railway Station-Hong Kong Baptist Hostipal-HKBU-Broadcast Drive

Remarks: Some of the above routes operate at specific time only.  Please check the latest routes and schedules from the official website of bus company.

Students can download the mobile apps for the latest routes, service hours and the estimated time of arrival.

KMB:  Citybus & NWFB: