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Coaching to Excellence

About Coaching Conversation
In a coaching conversation, you will receive a series of powerful questions, which facilitate you to think, to discover the reasons behind the scenes, to reaffirm your goal, to solve problems yourselves and to make an effective plan so that you can achieve excellence.

Programme Format

  • 4-6 one-on-one coaching sessions (online mode can be adopted; about once every two weeks; you can discuss the frequency and date with your coach based on your need)

Programme Content
You will discuss with your coach on your future career/academic/life development in 3-5 years’ time.  Your coach will facilitate you to:

  • Enhance self-understanding and clarity on your future direction
  • Change for personal growth and make better use of your strengths
  • plan for achieving your goal

You should:

  • Have some initial thoughts on your future career/academic/life development in 3-5 years’ time but want to step further and achieve excellence
  • Be open-minded to reflect on your thoughts and behaviours
  • Be willing to make an effort and change for actualizing your plan

* Selected applicants will be invited to attend an online interview

Please send an email to us.

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