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Why the programme is held?
Every year, a number of non-local undergraduate students join HKBU, including Mainland students and International students.  They are a group of outstanding young people who are diligent and enthusiastic to broaden their horizons.  Before they come to study in Hong Kong, they may have already learned something about Hong Kong through the internet, or they may even have visited Hong Kong for several times.  Despite that, they are just adolescents who have just graduated from high school and leave their home town to pursue their university study in a new environment.  If there are local host families who can take them under their wing, share with them the local cultural and life experiences, they will certainly find it easier to adapt to life in Hong Kong.  This long-lasting relationship can even become a crucial ingredient contributing to the students’ growth and development.  Hence, the Counselling & Development Centre of the Office of Student Affairs organises the "Host Family Programme".

What are the objectives of the programme?

  1. To facilitate non-local undergraduates' adjustment to life in Hong Kong.
  2. To enable them to have a fuller exposure of local culture and customs so as to enrich their learning in Hong Kong.
  3. To provide support and care while they are away from home.
  4. To provide cultural exchange opportunity for local families.

What period does the programme cover?
The programme runs from September to end of July next year. Many families and students who joined the programme in the past developed a long-lasting relationship and still kept in touch for many years after the programme ended.

What events will the University organise in relation to this programme?
A Tea Reception is held in September as the rendezvous of the host families and students.  Two events (one in each semester) are organised to foster the relationship development.  All families and students who are interested in the events are welcome to join.

Details of the events in 2020-21 are as follows:

Tea Reception
Due to the pandemic, the Host Family Tea Reception 2020-21 will be cancelled.

First Contact of Host Family and Student
A messaging group will be setup for host families and students to meet online when the semester starts.

  • Families receiving Mainland students will use WeChat, which is commonly used by Mainland students.
  • Families receiving international students will use a messaging APP which is commonly used by families and students.

Although host families and students cannot meet in person at the time being, host families can support their students through the messaging group, share with them about the situation in Hong Kong and prepare them for the arrival in the coming future.


  A Day at Tai O (Cancelled)   Lantern Festival Fun Day (Cancelled)  
Date 10 October 2020 (Sat) 6 February 2021 (Sat)
Time 10:00am 2:15pm - 4:30pm
Content 1. Families and students make their own plan before the trip.
2. University arranges shuttle bus to the destination.
3. Free time for families and students at the destination.
Family and students can play badminton together, enjoy the traditional food such as rice ball and enjoy the Chinese solve riddles game.
Remarks Transportation fee at $25/each Fee at $10/each

Collaborating Organisations

Conservation and Development of Chinese Culture Charity Foundation Limited
Evangelical Free Church of China Waterloo Hill Church
Kowloon City Baptist Church
Kwun Tong Baptist Church
North Point Alliance Church