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Please refer to Chinese version.


After the release of grade report, you can apply for the following documents for IANG application:

Undergraduate Students

Document: Transcript
Responsible Office: Academic Registry
Method of Application and Processing Time:
1. Online application: 5 working days
2. In person: Immediate
Fees: $50

After submission of all assignments and completion of all examination, students who have fulfilled the graduation requirements will be approved for graduation in the University’s senate meeting and the approved result will be shown in the transcript.

For the majority of study programmes, graduation approval will be done in the senate meeting held in June. For students of the School of Chinese Medicine, depending on the programme arrangement, graduation approval may be arranged in the senate meeting held in May.  Graduation approval for students studying trimester programmes will be arranged in the senate meeting held in February. The date of the senate meetings is available in the academic calendar. (please refer to Section 4.12 Academic Calendar)


Postgraduate Students

Document:  Testimonial or other supporting documents (Please contact the Graduate School and indicate that the document will be used for IANG application.)
Office: Graduate School
Method of Application and Processing Time: In person: 4-10 working days
Fees: $50



You can apply for a student visa extension (please refer to 2.2 Student Visa (Entry permit label) and Landing Slip) instead of the IANG because IANG applicants must have completed their studies.