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Cultural Docent Mentoring Programme


1.  Facilitate Mainland freshmen’ adaptation in life of Hong Kong.
2.  Increase Mainland students’ understanding on local culture and heritage.
3.  Increase exchange between local and Mainland students and encourage them to develop social networks with each other.

Professional trainers with cultural and ecological tourism background will you to familiarize with Hong Kong cultural history, ecology, etc.  The training will be focused on four aspects including cultural history of colonial Hong Kong, cultural history of local Hong Kong, cultural heritage of rural area, and ecosystem and environmental protection in country side.  Team-building and docent skills training will be provided.

The training will be focused on four locations:

Tai Otai o


Central and Western Heritage Trail

Nam Sang Wainam sang wai

ping shan

Ping Shan Heritage Trail

After the training, you will work with the team to plan the cultural tours and lead the Mainland freshmen to join the cultural tours following your plans. Each pair of docents will lead three to four tours of different locations.

Programme Period
1.  Training: January to March 2017
  ►For each location, there will be one lecture and one field trip.
2.  Activity planning: March to August 2017
  ►Docents are divided in groups to plan the routes of different locations.
3.  Implementation: September to November 2017
  ►There will be A kick-off tea gathering and three to four planned cultural trips.
4.  Graduation: December 2017
  ►A programme-end gathering where certificates will be presented.

Application Method
Complete the online enrollment form on or before 6 January 2017