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Cantonese Mentor for Undergraduate Freshmen

Mainland Student Services
Cantonese Mentor for Undergraduate Freshmen
01 OCT 2020 | 10 FEB 2021

This programme is co-organised by Association of Mainland and Hong Kong Youths (AMHKY) and Mainland Student Services Unit (MSS). Mainland freshmen can learn Cantonese and socialise with local students outside the classroom setting through this programme.

There are 11 sections including 1 lecture on pinyin, 8 lessons (classroom learning) and 2 practicums (practice outside classroom in a real life situation). Local students are recruited as mentors to teach Mainland freshmen Cantonese. During the 2 practicums, mentors lead Mainland freshmen to practice daily dialogues in Cantonese through ice-breaking games and city hunt, etc.

Mentors are required to attend training, which will be provided by MSS.

  • Freshmen
    Application Period: August of every year
    Activity Period: August to September (Activity period of 2020 will be postponed until the freshmen’s arrival of Hong Kong)
  • Mentor
    We are looking for passionate students to be Cantonese Mentor of the Mainland freshmen in 2020-21.

    • UG students
    • Fluent local Cantonese speakers
    • Moderate level of Putonghua
    • Passionate in helping Mainland students who want to learn Cantonese

● Lead the 3 Cantonese learning activities (meal subsidy @HK$50)
● Teach 7 Cantonese lessons according to the provided teaching materials (remuneration at HK$120/lesson + HK$200 good attendance bonus)

Selection date: 14 April 2020 (Online interview)
* Selected mentors are required to attend  a half-day briefing and training (around 2-3 hours) in late August (Exact date to be confirmed)

Programme Period: 2-25 September 2020