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Cantonese Conversation Group

Mainland Student Services
Cantonese Conversation Group
13 JAN 2021 | 12 MAR 2021
Course Title Cantonese Conversation Group  Total Course Hours 10-12 hrs

Course Highlight

  • Online course
  • Mentors from local community support Mainland students to practice daily conversations in Cantonese in groups.
  • Experienced / Retired language teacher teaches pinyin

Putonghua-speaking students


Course Code Date Time
S2KC1 13 Jan – 10 Mar 2021 (Wednesday) (No class on 17 Feb) 2:30-4:00pm
S2AGS 13 Jan – 10 Mar 2021 (Wednesday) (No class on 17 Feb) 8:00-9:15pm
S2KC2 15 Jan – 12 Mar 2021 (Friday) (No class on 12 Feb) 8:00-9:30pm

Fee: Free of charge

Application Procedures

Registration will start at 3:00pm on 3 December 2020. Please log in the SLES to enroll.

To enroll S2KC1: please click here.

To enroll S2AGS: please click here.

To enroll S2KC2: please click here.

Successful applicants of the class S1AGS will receive an email confirmation on or before 8 January 2021.