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Digital Detox Challenge

Mainland Student Services
Digital Detox Challenge
04 OCT 2021 | 29 OCT 2021


Co-organized by the Counselling and Development Centre of HKBU and the Hong Kong Playground Association


Mainland taught postgraduate students of HKBU (referred to as participants)


In response to the mobile phone addiction that can affect physical and mental health, the "Digital Detox Challenge" (referred to as the challenge) aims to arouse participants’ awareness of the negative effects of over use of mobile phones and social media through the interesting challenges, and encourage them to engage in hobbies and social activities which are good for their physical and mental health.

How to register?

  1. Complete the online registration form.
  2. Upload a screenshot of the "screen time of the last week" in the registration, as follows
    Screen Time
  3. If the application is successfully accepted, participants will be notified by email.
  4. Participants will be invited to join a WeChat group.
  5. The social workers of the Hong Kong Playground Association will contact the participants via WeChat individually.

How to challenge?

  1. Every Monday during the four weeks, participants have to submit a screenshot of the "screen time of the last week".
  2. The social worker will compare the screen time with that of the previous week and make a calculation.
  3. For examples:
    ​Week 1 (submitted on 4/10): 80 hours for the last week;
    Week 2 (submitted on 11/10): 60 hours for the last week;
    Week 3 (submitted on 18/10): 70 hours for the last week;
    Week 4 (Submitted on 25/10): 70 hours for the last week;
    Week 5 (Submitted on 1/11): 50 hours for the last week ---------Completed the challenge

Week 1-Week 2 = 80 hours-60 hours = 20 hours less >> success
Week 2-Week 3 = 60 hours-70 hours = failed
Week 3-Week 4 = 70 hours-70 hours = failed
Week 4- Week 5 = 70 hours-50 hours = 20 hours less >> success

How to get the reward?

  1. The accumulated points can be exchanged for workshops with corresponding value.
  2. Using the above example
    1. 20 hours + 20 hours = total successful reduction of 40 hours
    2. Every successful 4 minutes reduction = HK$1
    3. Successful reduction of 40 hours = 40 X 60 minutes = 2400 minutes = HK$600
  3. The maximum value of the workshop is $600 (equivalent to a 40-hour reduction).
  4. Participants can suggest a workshop to the social worker. The social worker will make the quotation and arrange the workshop if possible.
  5. If the participant attended a workshop with value lower than his/her gained value, the participant can register other workshops using the balance.
  6. If the balance is not enough for joining a workshop, participants can pay the remaining amount by himself / herself to join the workshop.


  1. The organizer will validate the workshops to ensure the alignment with the concept of digital detox.
  2. The workshops will be conducted in Putonghua and supplemented by Cantonese.
  3. The social worker will invite participants with similar interests join the same workshop. It can provide an opportunity for participants to broaden their social network.

Psychological counselling:

Participants are encouraged to share their feeling with social workers. If the participant needs further psychological consultation, the social worker will refer the participant to the Counselling and Development Centre of HKBU.


HK$1,000, including administrative costs such as the support from social workers and the workshop arrangement.
(If the participant completed the challenge successfully, HK$800 will be refunded.)

Payment method:

After receiving an email notification of the payment method, successful applicants should

  1. Bank-in the programme fee at Hang Seng Bank, 4/F, Sir Run Run Shaw Building, Ho Sin Hang Campus, HKBU;
  2. Submit the true copy of bank-in slip to Mainland Student Services Unit
    • Address: WLB403, Shaw Campus, HKBU
    • Service Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am-1:00pm; 2:00pm-5:30pm (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday)

Programme Schedule:

  • 6th -26th September 2021 (Registration period)
  • 4th October to 1st November 2021 (Digital Detox Challenge)
  • 1st November to 28th February 2021 (Workshop)


If you have any enquiries about this challenge, please contact Mr. Situ, the social worker in charge of the Hong Kong Playground Association via WeChat
WeChat ID: wxid_96kbyixtecgp12

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Or contact Mainland Student Services Unit (MSS)
Telephone: 3411 2328
WeChat ID: HKBU_mss

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