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Cantonese Tutor / Mentor

Mainland Student Services
Cantonese Tutor / Mentor
19 SEP 2017 | 13 OCT 2017

Recruitment of Cantonese Tutor/Mentor
This programme is co-organised by AMHKY and MSSU. We are looking for passionate students to be Cantonese Tutor/Mentor of the Mainland freshmen in 2017-18.


  • UG students
  • Fluent local Cantonese speakers
  • Moderate level of Putonghua
  • Passionate in helping Mainland students who want to learn Cantonese





Teach 7 Cantonese lessons according to the provided teaching materials

Lead 3 Cantonese learning activities (e.g. meal gathering, taking public transport)


HK$120/lesson + HK$200 good attendance bonus

HK$200 allowance upon completion of the activities

Programme Period: 11 September – 13 October 2017
Selection Date: 20-21 April 2017

Application method
Complete the online enrollment form on or before 17 April 2017

*Selected candidates are required to attend 2 training sessions.